C.W. Von Gluck, Orfeo

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This book explains how and why Gluck's historically important and best-loved opera Orfeo came into existence, and shows why it has retained its popularity. The work is placed in its context of Gluck's 'reform of opera', an artistic movement involving actors, dancers, designers, writers and philosophers, as well as musicians and librettists. Patricia Howard and her fellow contributors describe how the opera has been reinterpreted during the two hundred years between its first performance and the present day. Differing twentieth-century views based on practical experience of the work are put forward by the conductors John Eliot Gardiner and Sir Charles Mackerras, the singer Kevin Smith and the English National Opera music consultant Tom Hammond.


General preface; List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; 1. The Orpheus myth in operatic history Eve Barsham; 2. The libretto Patricia Howard; 3. Synopsis Patricia Howard; 4. 'The most moving act in all opera' Patricia Howard; 5. The initial impact Hans Heimler, Patricia Howard and Eve Barsham; 6. From Orfeo to Orphee Patricia Howard; 7. The opera in the nineteenth century Eve Barsham and Patricia Howard; 8. The opera in the twentieth century Sir Charles Mackerras, Tom Hammond, John Eliot Gardiner, Patricia Howard and Kevin Smith; 9. Table of numbers compiled by Eve Barsham; Discography Malcolm Walker; Index.
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