Buckling and Postbuckling of Composite Plates

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Dezember 1994



Contributed by leading authorities in the field from around the world, this text provides a comprehensive insight into buckling and postbuckling. Basic theory, methods of buckling analysis and their application, the effect of external variables such as temperature and humidity on the buckling response and buckling tests are all covered.


One Basic Theory.- 1 Buckling and postbuckling theory for laminated composite plates.- Two Buckling Analysis Methods and their Application.- 2 Series and Ritz-type buckling analyses.- 3 Finite element buckling and postbuckling analyses.- 4 Finite strip buckling and postbuckling analysis.- Three Effects of Complicating Characteristics on Buckling Response.- 5 Shear deformation and sandwich configuration.- 6 Temperature and absorbed moisture.- 7 Buckling of bimodular composite plates.- 8 Buckling and postbuckling behaviour of laminated composite plates with a cut-out.- 9 Delamination buckling of flat laminates.- 10 Lay-up optimization of laminated plates under buckling loads.- Four Panel Buckling Tests.- 11 Instability of composite panels.


one of the best texts in the field of composite structures ... this book deserves the close attention of every researcher or engineer working in the field of composite structures and will occupy a prominent place among the literature on this subject - Euromaterials; ...essential reading for new researchers to the area... - Times Higher Educational Supplement.
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