Biometrics and Kansei Engineering

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Biometrics and Kansei Engineering is the first book to bring together the principles and applications of each discipline. The future of biometrics is in need of new technologies that can depend on people's emotions and the prediction of their intention to take an action.  Behavioral biometrics studies the way people walk, talk, and express their emotions, and Kansei Engineering focuses on interactions between users, products/services and product psychology.  They are becoming quite complementary.This book also introduces biometric applications in our environment, which further illustrates the close relationship between Biometrics and Kansei Engineering. Examples and case studies are provided throughout this book.  Biometrics and Kansei Engineering is designed as a reference book for  professionals working in these related fields. Advanced-level students and researchers studying computer science and engineering will find this book useful as a reference or secondary text book as well.


Biometrics Principles and Important Concerns.- Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environment.- Iris Pattern Recognition with a New Mathematical Model to its Rotation Detection.- Human Identification by Vascular Patterns.- A study on touchscreen devices: User authentication problems.- New Proposals for Biometrics Using Eyes.- Local Texture Descriptors on Biometric Detection.- Chaotic Neural Network and Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis in Biometric Applications.- Introduction to Kansei Engineering.- Human being and Kansei Engineering.- Concepts of Kansei and Aesthetic Thoughts.- Kansei Measurement in Co-operative Development Techniques.- Information Theoretic Methodology for Kansei Engineering.- Kansei Engineering and Service Engineering.
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