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September 2006



The advances in genomic technologies, such as microarrays and high throughput sequencing,
have expanded the realm of possibilities for capturing data and analyzing it using automated
computer driven bioinformatics tools. With the completion of the sequencing of genomes of
human and several model organisms, a quest for scientific discoveries being fueled by
integrative and multidimensional techniques in mathematics and computational sciences. In
this volume, leading researchers and experts have provided an overview of significant
concepts from biological, mathematical, and computational perspectives. It provides a high level view of fungal genomic data integration and annotation, classification of proteins and identification of vaccine targets, identification of secretome or secreted proteins in fungal genomes, as well as tools for analyzing microarray expression
* Provides a survey of theoretical underpinnings on the technological tools and applications
* Discusses the tools utilized for the annotation of fungal genomes and addresses issues related to automated annotation generation in a high throughput biotechnology environment
* describing the applications of the concepts and methodologies presented throughout the book


Editorial Board for Volume 6 Contents Contributors Preface SECTION A: PRINCIPLES Experimental Design and Analysis of Microarrary Data Method for Protein Homology Modelling Phylogenetic Network Construction Approaches Issues in Comparative Fungal Genomics SECTION B: TOOLS Fungal Genomic Annotation Bioinformatics Packages for Sequence Analysis A Survey of Computational Methods Used in Microarray Data Interpretation Computational Methods in Genome Research Creating Fungal Pathway/Genome Databases Using Pathway Tools Comparative Genomic Analysis of Glycoylation Pathways in Yeast, Plants and Higher Eukaryotes SECTION C: APPLICATIONS LARaLINK 2.0: Data Mining for Clinical Cytogenetics Sequence-Based Analysis of Fungal Secretomes Using Web Agents for Data Mining of Fungal Genomes Searching Biological Databases Using Biolinguistic Methods Keyword Index
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