Beyond French Feminisms: Debates on Women, Politics, and Culture in France, 1980-2001

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Mai 2003



This volume, a collection of essays by a number of high-profile personalities working in philosophy, literature, sociology, cinema, theatre, journalism, and politics, covers a number a of recent and crucial developments in the field of French Feminisms that have made a reassessment necessary. Beyond French Feminisms proposes to answer the question: what is new in French Feminism at the beginning of the twenty-first century? The essays reflect the shift from the theoretical and philosophical approaches that characterized feminism twenty years ago, to the more social and political questions of today. Topics include: the 'parité' and PACS debates, the France-USA dialogue, the 'multicultural' issues, and the new trends in literature and film by women.


POLITICS AND SOCIETY The Turning Point of Feminism: Against the Effacement of Women;
S.Agacinski Symbolic Violence;
P.Bourdieu Exclusive Democracy: A French Paradigm;
G.Fraisse The Politics of PACs in a Transatlantic Mirror: Same-sex Unions and Sexual Difference in France;
E.Fassin The History of Women after the Law on Parity;
C.Fauré The Headscarf and the Republic;
F.Gaspard &
F.Khosrokhavar The Feminization of Professional Names: A Crime of lese-majeste;
B.Groult The Politics of Reproduction;
J.Mossuz-Laveau Sexualities on Parade;
V.Nahoum-Grappe New Gendered Mosaics: Their Mothers and the Gauls;
M.Rosello 'Parity' in Politics: From a Radical Idea to a Consensual Reform;
M.Sineau 'Les Chiennes de Garde': Manifesto ARTS AND LITERATURE Unmasked!;
H.Cixous Francophone Women Writers in France in the Nineties;
O.Cazenave Body as Subject: Women Making Art;
W.Chadwick Marguerite's Nieces: Women's Novels at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century;
C.Cusset The Embrasure of the World: Women in Contemporary French Poetry;
M.Etienne Profile of a Filmmaker: Catherine Breillat;
A.Gillain Women making Films in the 1990s;
G.Sellier FRANCE - USA Debate. Women: A French Singularity? The French Exception;
E.Badinter Vive la différence;
J.Scott Counting the Days;
M.Ozouf Mid-life Narratives and the Bicultural Dilemma; Courtivron The Invention of French Feminism: An Essential Move;
C.Delphy Lacan and American Feminism: Who is the Analyst?;
J.Feher Gurewich French Feminism: Made in America;
C.Goldberg-Moses The Symptom of 'American-style Feminism';


ROGER CÉLESTIN is Associate Professor of French and comparative literature at the University of Connecticut, and co-chair of French studies. He is the author of From Cannibals to Radicals: Figures and Limits of Exoticism (University of Minnesota Press, 1996). ELIANE DALMOLIN is Associate Professor of French and co-chair of French studies at the University of Connecticut. Her book Cutting the Body is forthcoming with University Press of Michigan. ISABELLE DE COURTIVRON is Professor of French studies at MIT. She has written books on Violette Leduc and Clara Malraux, and is co-editor of New French Feminisms and Significant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership.


."..drawing upon politics, society, and the arts, this book skillfully traces the progress made by women in France and points the way to further advances in the 21st century. An indispensable reference work for Women's Studies programs, this informative volume also addresses the interested non-specialists." --Michele Sarde, Georgetown University
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