Between the Blocs: Problems and Prospects for Europe's Neutral and Nonaligned States

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Neutrality is no longer an easily defined, static legal concept, but an evolving political practice. In this book, many of the preeminent scholars and political figures who have crafted the shape and meaning of the modern policy of neutrality in their own countries examine the theoretical and practical problems of neutrality and nonalignment in contemporary Europe. Specific issues examined include the credibility of the security policies and military defenses of the Neutrals; the new challenges of international economic and technological interdependence pushing the Neutrals into closer cooperation with the European Community; and the role of public opinion in supporting policies of neutrality.


Acknowledgments; Introduction Michael H. Haltzel; Part I. Perspectives: 1. Neutral states in historical perspectives Philip Windsor; Commentary Luzius Wildhaber; Commentary Wilhelm Carlgren; 2. Forms of neutrality Sigmund Widmer; 3. The various conceptions of European neutrality Radovan Vukadinovic; Part II. Special Cases: 4. The underlying assumptions of Finnish neutrality Pertti Joenniemi; 5. Neutrality and regional integration: Ireland's experience in the European community Patrick Keatinge; Part III. Interdependence: 6. Challenges to neutrality in an interdependent world Hanspeter Neuhold; 7. National security dilemmas and strategies for the European neutrals Bengt Sundelius; Commentary Raimo Vayrynen; Part IV. Security: 8. The European neutrals, national defense, and international security Joseph Kruzel; 9. Beyond soldiers and arms: the Swiss model of comprehensive security policy Kurt R. Spillmann; 10. Swedish defense: traditions, perceptions, and policies Nils Andren; 11. Swedish and Finnish defense policies: a comparative study Tomas Ries; Commentary Kari Mottola; Part V. Public Opinion: 12. The role of public opinion in neutral policy Hans Thalberg; 13. Finnish neutrality and public opinion Krister Stahlberg; Commentary Sverker Astrom; Part VI. Policy Views: 14. Some misconceptions about Austrian neutrality Gerald Hinteregger; 15. Neutrality in the European context: the Finnish perspective Paavo Vayrynen; 16. The Swiss approach Edouard Brunner; 17. The United States and Europe's neutrals Rozanne L. Ridgway; Part VII. Conclusion: 18. The future of European neutrality Joseph Kruzel; About the authors; Index.


"John Foster Dulles is long gone, but still Americans are prone to regard neutrality as, if not a sin, then a nuisance. This volume is a welcome antidote, neither extolling nor dismissing neutrality. Rather, it demonstrates the range of both the forms of, and the challenges to, neutrality. Kruzel's fine conclusion stresses the contrast between neutral realists, who believe quiet voices befit small powers, and neutral idealists, who seek to reshape the international system. This book is all the more valuable as Europe confronts new neutrals from Eastern Europe and new roles for neutrality in the post-Cold War order." Gregory F. Treverton in Foreign Affairs
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