Beautiful Things in Popular Culture

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This is an innovative book that addresses the question of how consumers make decisions about what is good and what is bad in popular culture. An entertaining and informative guide to the range of aesthetic criteria that goes into judging mass culture's most celebrated texts and objects - from Batman to motor bikes, and pop stars to internet pornography
Brings together a series of accessible and engaging essays written by connoisseurs of various areas of popular culture
Tackles the core question of how consumers make decisions about what is good popular culture and what is bad popular culture
Offers an entertaining and educative read for academic readers as well as purveyors of culture; moving beyond a 'greatest hits' list of popular culture to debate broader issues.


List of Figures. Notes on Contributors. Introduction: Alan McKee. 1. The Best Contemporary Mainstream Superhero Comics Writer - Brian Michael Bendis: Henry Jenkins. 2. The Best Batman Story - The Dark Knight Returns: Will Brooker. 3. The Best Serial Killer Novel - Red Dragon: Sue Turnbull. 4. The Best Australian Romance Novelist - Emma Darcy: Glen Thomas. 5. The Best Website For Men Who Have Sex With Men - Mark McLelland. 6. The Best Basketball Player - Michael Jordan: Thomas McLaughlin. 7. The Best Sneakers - The Nike Air Max Classic TW: Claire Gould. 8. The Best Action Console Game - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: John Banks. 9. The Best Motorbike - the Ducati 916 Superbike: Margaret Henderson. 10. The Best Propaganda - Humphrey Jennings, The Silent Village (1943): John Hartley. 11. The Best Villain in Xena: Warrior Princess - Alti: Sara Gwenllian Jones. 12. The Best Pop Princess - Kylie Minogue: Marc Brennan. 13. The Best Disco Record - Sharon Redd: "Never Give You Up": Simon Frith. 14. Conclusion: Alan McKee. Index


Alan McKee is Associate Professor of Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology. He is the author of Textual Analysis: A Beginner's Guide (2003) and The Public Sphere: An Introduction (2005).

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