Barbados an Island Portrait

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Mai 2005



The work of Barbados's leading photographer collected for the first time, providing a fascinating visual portrait of the island and its people.


Mike Toy is one of Barbados' leading photographers. Born in England, he worked as a photographic technician in the offshore oil industry before moving to Barbados in the early nineties. He works as a freelance photographer primarily specialising in architectural interiors and produces images for books, magazines and postcards. This is his fourth book. Peter Laurie is a retired career diplomat and former ambassador of Barbados to the United States. He is the author of several books including two illustrated children's stories and The Barbadian Rum Shop. He co-authored The Glory Days: Five Great West Indian Cricketers also published by Macmillan Caribbean. He lives in Barbados.


"If you have visited Barbados, this book will be a vivid reminder of an island unique in the Caribbean. And if you haven't been there yet, it will provide all the incentive you need to hop on a plane." Caribbean Compass"
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