Bank Mergers & Acquisitions

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As the financial services industry becomes increasingly international, the more narrowly defined and historically protected national financial markets become less significant. Consequently, financial institutions must achieve a critical size in order to compete. Bank Mergers & Acquisitions analyses the major issues associated with the large wave of bank mergers and acquisitions in the 1990's. While the effects of these changes have been most pronounced in the commercial banking industry, they also have a profound impact on other financial institutions: insurance firms, investment banks, and institutional investors. Bank Mergers & Acquisitions is divided into three major sections: A general and theoretical background to the topic of bank mergers and acquisitions; the effect of bank mergers on efficiency and shareholders' wealth; and regulatory and legal issues associated with mergers of financial institutions. It brings together contributions from leading scholars and high-level practitioners in economics, finance and law.


Introduction. 1. Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: An Introduction and an Overview; Y. Amihud, G. Miller. Part One. 2. Bank Consolidation: A Central Banker's Perspective; F. Mishkin. 3. Global Patterns of Mergers and Acquisition Activity in the Financial Services Industry; R.C. Smith, I. Walter. 4. Twin Information Revolutions and the Future of Financial Intermediation; W.R. Emmons, S.I. Greenbaum. Part Two. 5. The Value Effects of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions; S.J. Pilloff, A.M. Santomero. 6. The Efficiency Effects of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: A Preliminary Look at the 1990s Data; A.N. Berger. 7. Consolidation in U.S. Banking: Implications for Efficiency and Risk; J.H. Boyd, S.L. Graham. 8. The Effect of Bank Ownership Changes on Subsidiary-Level Earnings; S.L. Chamberlain. Part Three. 9. Bank Mergers and American Bank Competitiveness; J.R. Macey, G.P. Miller. 10. Consolidation in the Banking Industry: An Antitrust Perspective; A.V. Nanni. 11. Reassessing Risk-Based Capital in the 1990s: Encouraging Consolidation and Productivity; J.C. Coates IV. 12. The Consolidation of the Banking Industry and Small Business Lending; G.F. Udell. Index.


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