Bad Modernisms

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April 2006



Collection of essays on the ways in which modernist literature, film, and art transgressed the artistic and cultural norms we associate we "high" modernism.


Contributors. Lisa Fluet, Laura Frost, Michael LeMahieu, Heather K. Love, Douglas Mao, Jesse Matz, Joshua L. Miller, Monica L. Miller, Sianne Ngai, Martin Puchner, Rebecca L. Walkowitz


Douglas Mao is Associate Professor of English at Cornell University. He is the author of "Solid Objects: Modernism and the Test of Production."Rebecca L. Walkowitz is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the author of "Cosmopolitan Style: Modernism Beyond the Nation" and a coeditor of several books, including "The Turn to Ethics."


"Bright, disquieting, and energetic, these essays bring back to life the complex political and artistic provocations of their modernisms. Badly needed."--Rachel Bowlby, author of Carried Away: The Invention of Modern Shopping "I envision Bad Modernisms as a linchpin in the 'new modernist studies.' This sprightly, compelling volume gives us a map for that conversation; offers a guide to the tangled pathways of history, criticism, and cultural practice that converge in modernist studies; and reveals the astonishingly ample, indeed global, playing field of the discourse of modernism."--Jennifer Wicke, author of Advertising Fictions: Literature, Advertisement, and Social Reading
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