Ayliffe's Control of Healthcare-Associated Infection

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The fifth edition of this classic text is the definitive, clinically orientated guide to a critical area within healthcare practice, full of sound, practical advice for all those involved in the control of infection in a variety of settings. Known in previous editions as Control of Hospital Infection, the new Ayliffe's Control of Healthcare-Associated Infection has again been brought up to date and thoroughly revised to emphasise the broader range of its coverage, from the hospital setting - including the ward, operating theatres, kitchens and laundry facilities - to health care provision in the community.


Basic principles Administration and responsibility Surveillance, audit, records and reports Sterilization Physical and chemical disinfection Decontamination of equipment, the environment and the skin Laundry, kitchens and healthcare waste Prophylaxis and treatment of infections Use of antimicrobial agents Control of bloodborne viral infections Immunization and specific prophylaxis The role of occupational health services in the control of infection Special problems of infections Prevention Prevention of infection in wards and outpatient departments Prevention of infection in special wards and departments Prevention of infection in allied health areas and service departments Infection prevention and control in the community


Adam P Fraise MB BS FRCPath Consultant Medical Microbiologist and Director, Hospital Infection Research Laboratory,UniversityHospital Birmingham, Birmingham, UK Christina Bradley AIBMS Manager, Hospital Infection Research Laboratory,UniversityHospital Birmingham, Birmingham, UK


"The book contains several gems ... It should be available to the legal department of every hospital, and to any non-specialist director of infection prevention and control, for these alone. Trainees in infection control and microbiology will certainly find it helpful." -Journal of Hospital Infection, 2009 " essential purchase for all infection control nurses, doctors and other health professionals in the field." -Nursing Standard "For more than thirty years, Ayliffe's essential text has provided guidance in infection control... The authors have managed to strike a balance appropriate for the target audience which is wide, from students to specialists... The book covers most of the key areas including practical measures to improve quality of care, minimize risk, save lives, improve antibiotic use and reduce costs... Although infection control practices are in constant evolution, this book contains the most up to date principles and provides a practical approach for all healthcare staff. The fifth edition lives up to my expectations and I recommend it as an invaluable basic tool." -ACP News
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