Australian Social Attitudes: The First Report

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September 2005



A fascinating insight into what Australians think about contemporary political and social issues using data collected from the inaugural "Australian Survey of Social Attitudes" on the expressed opinions of some 4300 Australian adults. An excellent resource for students, teachers, researchers and policy makers, and for anyone interested in understanding the social dynamics of contemporary Australia.


Foreword; Acknowledgments; List of contributors; 1 Introduction Rachel Gibson, Shaun Wilson, Gabrielle Meagher, David Denemark and Mark Western; 2 What makes an Australian family?; Ann Evans and Edith Gray; 3 Making families work Deborah Mitchell; 4 How do Australians feel about their work?; Bitt Martin and Jocelyn Pixley; 5 Voluntary associations and political participation Andrew Passey and Mark Lyons; 6 Are postmaterialists engaged citizens?; Mark Western and Bruce Tranter; 7 Where to for the welfare state? Shaun Wilson, Gabrielle Meagher and Trevor Breusch; 8 Is there a crisis of trust in Australia?; Clive Been; 9 Alarmed and angry about crime?; David Indermaur and Lynne Roberts; 10 Have Australians embraced economic reform?; Michael Pusey and Nick Turnbull; 11 Immigration, multiculturalism and national identity Murray Goot and Ian Watson; 12 Knowing your genes Kristine Barlow-Stewart, Sandra Taylor and Margaret Ottowski; 13 Mass media and media power in Australia David Denemark; 14 Are Australians open to globalisation?; Ian Marsh, Gabrielle Meagher and Shaun Wilson; Appendices; Index.


Shaun Wilson is Research Fellow in the Centre for Social Research at the ANU. His main research interests include: comparative welfare states, the sociology of work, applied social research and political sociology. Shaun is a Principal Investigator of the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes. Gabrielle Meagher is Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney. Her research explores contemporary problems of the welfare state, including the supply of a skilled and well-supported care workforce in social service industries and attitudes to public service provision, income support and union membership. Rachel Gibson is Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of the Centre for Social Research at the ANU and her research interests include online campaigning of political parties in advanced democracies. David Denemark is an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Western Australia and has been published widely on electoral politics, election campaigns, and the mass media. Mark Western is a Co-Director of the University of Queensland Social Research Centre, and an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Queensland. He is now working on the impact of Neoliberalism on socioeconomic and gender inequality, politics and culture, and the identities and life-course pathways of Queensland high-school students.

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