Artificial Enzymes

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This first book on this fascinating topic is edited by one of today's most famous and internationally respected organic chemists, renowned for his pioneering synthesis of the cyclopropenyl cation. For his part, Ronald Breslow has brought together leading scientists in this expanding area to provide a novel overview of protein-, cyclodextrin-, metal- and porphyrin-based artificial enzymes as well as enzyme-like polymers and dendrimers. A must for all scientists interested in this emerging field.


Introduction to Artificial Enzymes (R. Breslow)
Vitamin B6 Enzyme Models (L. Liu and R. Breslow)
Evolution of Synthetic Polymers with Enzyme-like Catalytic Activities (I. Klotz and J. Suh)
Mimicking Enzymes with Antibodies (D. Hilvert)
Protein-based Artificial Enzymes (B. Duckworth and M. Distefano)
Artificial Hydrolytic Metalloenzymes (J. Chin and H. Kim)
Artificial Restriction Enzymes - Tools for Future Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Y. Yamamoto and M. Komiyama)


Ronald Breslow is Professor of Chemistry at Columbia University. In addition to his work on Artificial Enzymes and Biomimetic Chemistry (there is now an annual ACS Ronald Breslow Award in Biomimetic Chemistry), he has created novel aromatic and antiaromatic molecules, and a new approach to cancer therapy that is in advanced clinical trials. His numerous awards include the U. S. National Medal of Science. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, and an honorary member of the Royal Society (Britain), the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Chemical Societies of Japan and Korea, and the Indian Academy of Science.

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