Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Dezember 2001



Cincinnati was a major printing and publishing center from the earliest days of the Old Northwest Territory. The spectacular technological and artistic developments in the 19th-century printing trade nationally were reflected in the Cincinnati printmakers' achievements, many of which were promotional in nature.Highlights of Cincinnati prints, printing, and graphic design are the focus of this book, which includes examinations of the work of The Strobridge Lithographing Company and its circus posters, the participation of the Smithsonian Institution in the Cincinnati Centennial Exhibition, a survey of Cincinnati printing and graphic design, an examination of early engraved Cincinnati views, Emil Klauprecht and the German-American influence in Cincinnati printing, lithographic portraits by Ehrgott & Forbriger, and the unique contributions of The United States Playing Card Company of Cincinnati.This book is a unique collaboration between two of Ohio's university presses in providing a hardcover version of this important study along with access to the accompanying website devoted to faithful reproduction of the color images discussed within the book.The total package is an illuminating and eclectic introduction to the varied and colorful history of Cincinnati printing.


Alice M. Cornell serves as Head of the University of Cincinnati Archives & Rare Books Department and Assistant Director/ Editor-in-Chief of the University of Cincinnati Digital Press.
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