Aquinas: Summa Theologiae, Questions on God

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Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologiae is his most important contribution to Christian theology and one of the main sources for his philosophy. This volume offers most of the Summas first 26 questions, including all of those on the existence and nature of God. Based on the 1960 Blackfriars translation, this version has been extensively revised and also includes an introduction which places the questions in their philosophical and historical context. The result is an accessible and up-to-date edition of Aquinas thought on the nature and existence of God.


1. The nature and scope of sacred doctrine; 2. Does God exist?; 3. God's simplicity; 4. God's perfection; 5. The general notion of good; 6. God's goodness; 7. God's limitlessness; 8. God's existence in things; 9. God's unchangeableness; 10. God's eternity; 11. God's oneness; 12. How God's creatures know Him; 13. Talking about God; 14. God's knowledge; 15. On God's ideas; 18. On God's life; 19. God's will and providence; 20. Love in God; 21. God's justice and mercy; 22. God's providence; 25. God's power; 26. God's beatitude.


Brian Davies is Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University, New York. Brian Leftow is Nolloth Professor of the Christian Religion, University of Oxford.

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