Approximation and Optimization

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Januar 1989



Nonparametric polynomial density estimation in the L P norm.- Local spline interpolation schemes in one and several variables.- On the rate of rational approximation of analytic functions.- Parametric optimization: Pathfollowing with jumps.- Optimization problems in the robustness analysis of linear state space systems.- A principle of contamination in best polynomial approximation.- Nearby sets and centers.- Approximation by lipschitz functions and its application to boundary value of cauchy-type integrals.- Asymptotics for the ratio of the leading coefficients of orthogonal polynomials associated with a jump modification.- Convergence of pade approximats in a non-commutative algebra.- Subsets of unicity in uniform approximation.- On qualitative Korovkin theorems with a-distance.- Relative asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials with respect to varying measures II.- On the rational approximation of HP functions in the LP(?) metric.- On the trajectories of inclined oil-wells.- On some contributions of Halasz to the turan power-sum theory.- On the m-th row of newton type (?,?)-PADF tables and singllar points.- On simul taneous rational interpolants of type (?,?).- Généralisation de formules de bornage de L-I et applications aux Lp.- On C0-semigroups in a space of bounded continuous functions in the case of entrance or natural boundary points.- On the approximation of Riemann integrable functions by bernstein polynomials.- Optimization criteria for multivariate strata construction.- Proof of two conjectures by G. Chen and D. L. Russell on structural damping for elastic systems.- An iterative aggregation algorithm for linear programming.- Optimal control of non linear retarded systems with phase constraints.
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