Applied Stratigraphy

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August 2005



Stratigraphy has come to be indispensable to nearly all branches of the earth sciences, assisting such endeavors as charting the course of evolution, understanding ancient ecosystems, and furnishing data pivotal to finding strategic mineral resources. This book focuses on traditional and innovative stratigraphy techniques and how these can be used to reconstruct the geological history of sedimentary basins and in solving manifold geological problems and phenomena.


Part I: Evolution of a Concept. 1 Stratigraphy: Evolution of a Concept ; Eduardo A.M. Koutsoukos Part II: The Search for Patterns: Ordering the Framework. 2 Buried Time: Chronostratigraphy as a Research Tool; Marie Pierre Aubry and John Van Couvering 3 Ecostratigraphy's Basis, using Silurian and Devonian examples, with consideration of the Biogeographic Complication; Arthur J. Boucot 4 Devonian Palynostratigraphy in Western Gondwana; Stanislas Loboziak, José Henrique G. Melo and Maurice Streel 5 Carboniferous and Permian Palynostratigraphy; Geoffrey Playford and Rodolfo Dino 6 Biostratigraphy of the Non-marine Triassic: Is a Global Correlation based on Tetrapod Faunas possible? Cesar L. Schultz 7 The K-T Boundary; Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos Part III: The Search for Clues: Analyzing and Sequencing the Record. 8 Chemostratigraphy; René Rodrigues 9 Palaeobotany and Palaeoclimatology: Part I: Growth Rings in Fossil Woods; Laureen S.R. Alves and Margot Guerra-Sommer Part II: Leaf Assemblages; Tânia L. Dutra 10 Palynofacies Analysis and its Stratigraphic Application ; David J. Batten and Darrin Stead 11 Sequence Biostratigraphy; Hillary C. Olsson and Peter Thompson 12 Taphonomy - Overview of Main Concepts and Applications to Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis; Michael Holz and Marcello G. Simões 13 Significance of Ichnofossils to Applied Stratigraphy; George Pemberton and James A. MacEachern 14 Cyclostratigraphy; Martin A. Perlmutter and Nilo C. de Azambuja Filho 15 The Role and Value of 'Biosteering' in Hydrocarbon Reservoir Exploitation;Robert W. Jones, Stephen Lowe, Paul Milner, Peter Heavey, Simon Payne and David Ewen Part IV: Modelling the Record. 16 Quantitative Methods for Applied Microfossil Biostratigraphy; Felix M. Gradstein
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