Applications of Software Agent Technology in the Health Care Domain

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Oktober 2003



This volume contains a collection of papers that provides a unique, novel and up-to-date overview of how software agents technology is being applied in very diverse problems in health care, ranging from community care to management of organ transplants. It also provides an introductory survey that highlights the main issues to be taken into account when deploying agents in the health care area. The intended audience includes graduate and postgraduate students specializing in artificial intelligence and researchers interested in the application of new technologies.


Introduction: Agents in Health Care.- Agent-Based Applications in Health Care.- Building an Agent-Based Community Care Demonstratoron a Worldwide Agent Platform.- Agent-Based User Interface Adaptivity in a MedicalDecision Support System.- GruSMA1: Experience on the Deployment of Agent-BasedHealth Care Services.- Agent.Hospital - a Framework for Clinical Applications in Agentcities.- OntHoS - an Ontology for Hospital Scenarios.- Agent-Based Up-do-date Data Management in Nationalelectronic Library for Communicable Disease.- Wound Care Documentation in Municipal Elderly Care.- An Agent-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for Nurse Education.- Carrel: Secure Deployment of an Agent-BasedHealth Care Application.- Assisting the Spanish Organ Transplant Coordination Processwith Multi-Agent Systems.- A Multi-Agent System for Organ Transplant Management.
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