Applications of Evolutionary Computing

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April 2001



Evolutionary Computation (EC) is a rapidly expanding eld of computer science in which problem solving, optimization, and machine learning techniques ins- red by genetics and natural selection are studied. In recent years, a number of studies and results have been reported in the literature which have disclosed the potentials of EC techniques and shown their capability to solve hard problems in several domains. This volume contains the proceedings of EvoWorkshops 2001, an event - cluding the First European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Com- natorial Optimization (EvoCOP), the Second European Workshop on Evolut- nary Aeronautics (EvoFlight), the Third European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing (EvoIASP), the First - ropean Workshop on Evolutionary Learning (EvoLearn), and the Second Eu- pean Workshop on Evolutionary Scheduling and Timetabling (EvoSTIM). These workshops were held in Como, Italy, on 18 and 19 April 2001, as part of - roGP 2001, the Fourth European Conference on Genetic Programming. EvoCOP focuses on applications of evolutionary algorithms and related h- ristic search methods to various combinatorial optimization problems. It also covers general methodological aspects of such algorithms like operator analyses, search dynamics, tness landscapes, and algorithmic comparisons, which are the driving force in gaining a better understanding of evolutionary search and hence support the design of e ective evolutionary algorithms for combinatorial op- mization problems of practical relevance. EvoFlight is aimed at bringing together researchers and industrial parties to discuss the use of evolutionary computation in aerospace.


EvoCOP Papers Graph Problems.- The Link and Node Biased Encoding Revisited: Bias and Adjustment of Parameters.- An Effective Implementation of a Direct Spanning Tree Representation in GAs.- An Evolutionary Algorithm with Stochastic Hill-Climbing for the Edge-Biconnectivity Augmentation Problem.- Application of GRASP to the Multiconstraint Knapsack Problem?.- Knapsack Problems.- Path Tracing in Genetic Algorithms Applied to the Multiconstrained Knapsack Problem.- On the Feasibility Problem of Penalty-Based Evolutionary Algorithms for Knapsack Problems.- Coloured Ant System and Local Search to Design Local Telecommunication Networks.- Ant Algorithms.- Cooperative Ant Colonies for Optimizing Resource Allocation in Transportation.- An ANTS Algorithm for Optimizing the Materialization of Fragmented Views in Data Warehouses: Preliminary Results.- Miscellaneous Applications.- A Genetic Algorithm for the Group-Technology Problem.- Generation of Optimal Unit Distance Codes for Rotary Encoders through Simulated Evolution.- On the Efficient Construction of Rectangular Grids from Given Data Points.- Assignment Problems.- An Evolutionary Annealing Approach to Graph Coloring.- A Constructive Evolutionary Approach to School Timetabling.- A Co-evolutionist Meta-heuristic for the Assignment of the Frequencies in Cellular Networks.- A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Extended Cell Assignment Problem in a Wireless ATM Network.- Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms.- On Performance Estimates for Two Evolutionary Algorithms.- A Contribution to the Study of the Fitness Landscape for a Graph Drawing Problem.- Evolutionary Game Dynamics in Combinatorial Optimization: An Overview.- Permutation Problems.- A Parallel Hybrid Heuristic for the TSP.- Effective Local and Guided Variable Neighbourhood Search Methods for the Asymmetric Travelling Salesman Problem.- Pheromone Modification Strategies for Ant Algorithms Applied to Dynamic TSP.- Conventional and Multirecombinative Evolutionary Algorithms for the Parallel Task Scheduling Problem.- EvoFlight Papers.- Two-Sided, Genetics-Based Learning to Discover Novel Fighter Combat Maneuvers.- Generation of Time-Delay Algorithms for Anti-air Missiles Using Genetic Programming.- Surface Movement Radar Image Correlation Using Genetic Algorithm.- A Conceptual Approach for Simultaneous Flight Schedule Construction with Genetic Algorithms.- EvoIASP Papers.- Genetic Snakes for Color Images Segmentation.- A Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Parameters Optimization to Detect Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms.- Dynamic Flies: Using Real-Time Parisian Evolution in Robotics.- ARPIA: A High-Level Evolutionary Test Signal Generator.- A Pursuit Architecture for Signal Analysis.- Genetic Algorithm Based Heuristic Measure for Pattern Similarity in Kirlian Photographs.- Evolutionary Signal Enhancement Based on Hölder Regularity Analysis.- Building ARMA Models with Genetic Algorithms.- Evolving Market Index Trading Rules Using Grammatical Evolution.- Autonomous Photogrammetric Network Design Using Genetic Algorithms.- The Biological Concept of Neoteny in Evolutionary Color Image Segmentation - Simple Experiments in Simple Non-memetic Genetic Algorithms.- Using of Evolutionary Computations in Image Processing for Quantitative Atlas of Drosophila Genes Expression.- EvoLearn Papers.- Selection of Behavior in Social Situations Application to the Development of Coordinated Movements.- Clustering Moving Data with a Modified Immune Algorithm.- Belief Revision by Lamarckian Evolution.- A Study on the Effect of Cooperative Evolution on Concept Learning.- The Influence of Learning in the Evolution of Busy Beavers.- EvoSTIM Papers.- Automated Solution of a Highly Constrained School Timetabling Problem - Preliminary Results.- Design of Iterated Local Search Algorithms.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving the School Time-Tabling Problem.- Optimizing Employee Schedules by a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm.- A Genetic Algorithm for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem and Its Extensions.- A New Approach to Solve Permutation Scheduling Problems with Ant Colony Optimization.- Street-Based Routing Using an Evolutionary Algorithm.- Investigation of Different Seeding Strategies in a Genetic Planner.


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