Apparitions: New Perspectives on Adorno and Twentieth-Century Music

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November 2005



Apparitions takes a new look at the critical legacy of one of the 20th century's most important and influential thinkers about music, Theodor W. Adorno. Bringing together an international group of scholars, the book offers new historical and critical insights into Adorno's theories of music and how these theories, in turn, have affected the study of contemporary art music, popular music, and jazz.


Introduction 1. Drifting: The Dialectics of Adorno's "Philosophy of New Music" 2. Labour and Metaphysics in Hendemith's and Adorno's "Prescriptions on Counterpoint" 3. Frankfurt School of Blues: Rethinking Adorno's Critique of Jazz 4. "Die Zerstorung der Symphonie": Adorno and the Theory of Radio 5. Music, Corporate Power and the Age of the Unending War 6. "Dire cela, sans savoir quoi": The Question of Meaning in Adorno and in the Musical Avant-Garde 7. The Elliptical Geometry of Utopia: New Music since Adorno 8. Wolfgang Rihm and the Adorno Legacy Notes Index


Berthold Hoeckner is Associate Professor of Music and the Humanities at the University of Chicago. He is the author of Programming the Absolute: Nineteenth-Century German Music and the Hermeneutics of the Moment.
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