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Antidepressants and related psychiatric drugs are the most important prescription drugs worldwide, accounting for a market volume of 20 billion US$ per year. This handbook provides a complete and detailed overview of all currently available psychiatric drugs, covering more than 250 different compounds. Particular features include: * the most important information on the chemistry, pharmacology and therapeutic use of a given drug * a special layout with margin notes and compound structures allowing for quick and easy access to the desired information Written by drug developers from the pharmaceutical industry, novel drugs currently under development and new methods of treatment are listed side by side with classical drugs, allowing a direct comparison of traditional and innovative therapeutic approaches.


VOL. 1
Neurobiology of Mood Disorders
Clinical Aspects of Depressive Disorders
Pharmacotherapy of Depression
Modeling Human Depression by Animal Models
Marketed Drugs and Drugs in Development
- summary of drug classes
- tricyclic and tetracyclic antidepressants
- serotonergic agents
- noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors
- monoamine oxidase inhibitors
- miscellaneous agents
- compounds launched in single countries
- new opportunities for marketed drugs
- antidepressants in development
Current Status and Challenges in Schizophrenia Research
Schizophrenia: A Clinical Review
Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia
Modeling Schizophrenia in Experimental Animals
Marketed Drugs and Drugs in Development
- summary of drug classes
- typical antipsychotics
- atypical antipsychotics
- drugs in development
VOL. 2
Introductory and Basic Aspects
Clinical Aspects of Anxiety
Pharmacology of Anxiety
Modeling Human Anxiety by Animal Models
Marketed Drugs and Drugs in Development
- summary of drug classes
- benzodiazepines
- serotonergic drugs
- GABAergic agents
- dopaminergic agents
- serotonin reuptake inhibitors
- 5-HT2 receptor antagonists
- beta-adrenoceptor antagonists
- glucocorticoid receptor antagonists
- GAT-1 inhibitors
- calcium channel blockers
- compounds with unknown mechanism of action
- drugs in development
Neurobiological Aspects of ADHD
Clinical and Therapeutical Facts
Marketed Drugs and Drugs in Development


The editors all work for the Spanish-based pharmaceutical company Esteve, a world leader in neuropharmaceuticals.
Helmut Buschmann is the research director of Esteve, in charge of the discovery and development of new active substances for a variety of neurological disorders. He was formerly the head of research at Gruenenthal, a Germany-based pharma company that also specialized in neuropharmaceuticals. During his time at Gruenenthal, he published a widely acclaimed book on analgesics that pioneered the integrated approach followed also in his most recent book.

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