Anthropology and Aging

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Oktober 1990



This book was conceived as a project of the Association for Anthropology and Gerontology, a multidisciplinary and international organization, formed in 1978, that is dedicated to the exploration and understanding of aging within and across the diversity of human cultures. The perspective of the Association is holistic, comparative and international. Membership is drawn from both academic and applied sectors and includes the social and biological sciences, medicine, urban planning, policy studies, social work and the development, administration and provision of services for the aged. Information about membership may be obtained from Dr. Eunice Boyer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin WI, 53141 USA. Vll ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In a collective enterprise such as this, there are many people who have helped us along the way. Many members of the Association for Anthropology and Gerontology and many other colleagues gave us advice, read and commented on drafts of papers and otherwise supported this project. The editors and individual authors would like to acknowledge the following for their support and help; Baine B. Alexander, Steve Albert, C. C. Ballew, Diana Bethel, Jacob Climo, Ann Dill, Jean De Rousseau, Nancy Foner, Doris Francis, Mel Goldstein, Ralph Garruto, Tony Glascock, Charlotte Ikels, Sharon Kaufman, Jeanie Kayser-Jones, S. Loth, Mark Luborsky, Linda Mitteness, Corinne Nydegger, J. D. Pearson, David Plath, J. P. Ritchie, Phil Stafford, Rachael Stark, Maria Vesperi, Marjorie Schweitzer, Jay Sokolovsky, Toni Tripp­ Reimer, Martin Whyte, and Connie Wolfsen. ix ROBERT L.


Section One: Biological and Health Issues.
- 1. Anthropological Issues in Biological Gerontology.
- 2. Anthropology, Health and Aging.
- 3. Nursing and Aging.- Section Two: Cultural Issues.
- 4. Nature, Culture, Gender, Age: A Critical Review.
- 5. The Life Course in Context: Implications of Comparative Research.- Section Three: Areal Studies.
- 6. Aging and the Elderly in Japan.
- 7. Gerontological Research in China: The Role for Anthropological Inquiry.- List of Contributors.- Combined Index.


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