Ancient Maya Gender Identity and Relations

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Contributors from a wide range of academic disciplines examine the details of ancient Mayan ideas about gender, and compare them to gender relations in our own era, using recently deciphered Mayan writings along with paintings, sculpture, ceramics, burials, and other material remains.


Introduction by Amelia M. Trevelyan and Lowell S. Gustafson; Multiplicity and Discourse in Classic Maya Gender Relations by Marvin Cohodas; Shared Gender Relations: Early Mesoamerica and the Maya by Lowell S. Gustafson; Household and State in Prehispanic Maya Society Gender, Identity, and Practice by Julia A. Hendon; The Gendered Architecture of Uxmal by Amelia M. Trevelyan and Heather W. Forbes; Mother-Father Kings by Lowell S. Gustafson; Maya Corn Gods and the Male/Female Principle by Karen Bassie-Sweet; The Popol Vuh and the Decline of Maya Women's Status by Beatriz Barba De Pina ChDan; A Divine Couple's Gender Roles and Its Cardinal Relations in the Group of the Cross, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico by Maria Elena Bernal-Garcia; Holy Earth and Her Flowery Skirt: The Role of the Female Earth Surface in Maya Political and Ritual Performance by Carolyn Tate; Female and Male: The Ideology of Balance and Renewal in Elite Costuming among the Classic Period Maya by Kent Reilly; Desiring Women: Classic Maya Sexualities by Rosemary A. Joyce; Conclusion by Amelia M. Trevelyan and Lowell S. Gustafson; Bibliography; Index.


LOWELL GUSTAFSON is Associate Professor of Political Science, Villanova University. AMELIA TREVELYAN is Associate Professor of Art History, Gettysburg College.

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