An Introduction to Third World Theologies

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September 2005



Providing the first overview of the main trends and contributions to Christian thought of Third World theologies, this book gathers essays from experts on Latin America, India, East Asia, West and East Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean. It analyzes the common context of the Third World theologies in their experience of colonialism and Western missions, and suggests that they provide different perspectives on what it means to be a Christian in today's world.


1. Introduction John Parratt; 2. Latin America Jose Miguez Bonino; 3. India Kirsteen Kim; 4. East Asia Edmond Tang; 5. Africa, East and West Diane Stinton; 6. Southern Africa Isabel Apawo Phiri; 7. The Caribbean George Mulrain; 8. Postscript John Parratt.


John Parratt is Professor of Third World Theologies at the University of Birmingham. He has taught and researched widely in Africa, India, and the Pacific. His books include Papuan Belief and Ritual (1976), Reinventing Christianity, African Theology Today (1995), A Reader in African Christian Theology (1987, revised and expanded1997), A Guide to Doing Theology (1996) and The Pleasing of the Gods, Meitei Lai Haraoba (with S. Arambam Parratt, 1997).


'This is an excellent title for theological students and others looking for an overview of the subject ... This book looks at Muslims' beliefs and practices, as they developed from their origins to the current day. It is suitable for anyone seeking more knowledge on the place of Islam in today's world conflicts.' Publishing News '... a fascinating window into how theology is being reshaped within a variety of Third World contexts.' Simon Topping '... this book will help us to get to know our neighbours. We are the minority in the twenty-first century.' Anvil ' ... this book is an admirable introduction written by experts and would serve as an excellent basic text for courses in contextual theology.' Themelios '... this book will help us to get to know our neighbours. We are the minority in the twenty-first century.' Christian Doctrine and Philosophy 'The structure of this work, from the variety of the authors to the choice of style, from the span of the material to the depth of the examples, imitates the contextual method of the represented theologies. In the process, it offers a much needed historical shift that does not hide colonial history and cautions those of us doing and teaching theology that neither our history, culture, politics, nor our theology are isolated from one another.' Studies in Religion
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