Amorphous Solids and the Liquid State

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September 1985



This book has its origins in the 1982 Spring College held at the Interna­ tional Centre for Theoretical Physics, Miramare, Trieste. The primary aim is to give a broad coverage of liquids and amorphous solids, at a level suitable for graduate students and research workers in condensed-matter physics, physical chemistry, and materials science. The book is intended for experimental workers with interests in the basic theory. While the topics covered are many, it was planned to place special emphasis on both static structure and dynamics, including electronic transport. This emphasis is evident from the rather complete coverage of the determination of static structure from both diffraction experiments and, for amorphous solids especially, from model building. The theory of the structure of liquids and liquid mixtures is then dealt with from the standpoint of, first, basic statistical mechanics and, subsequently, pair potentials constructed from the electron theory of simple metals and their alloys. The discussion of static structure is completed in two chapters with rather different emphases on liquid surfaces and interfaces. The first deals with the basic statistical mechanics of neutral and charged interfaces, while the second is concerned with solvation and double-layer effects. Dynamic structure is introduced by a comprehensive discussion of single-particle motion in liquids. This is followed by the structure and dynamics of charged fluids, where again much basic statistical mechanics is developed.


I. Mainly Static Structure, Including Interfaces.
- 1. Diffraction Studies of Liquids.
- 2. Modeling of Liquids and Amorphous Solids.
- 3. Structure and Forces in Liquids and Liquid Mixtures.
- 4. Pair Potentials in Metals and Alloys: Order, Stability, and Dynamics.
- 5. Liquid Surfaces and Solid-Liquid Interfaces.
- 6. Solvation Forces and the Electric Double Layer.-
II. Dynamic Structure and Transport.
- 7. Self-Motion in Liquids.
- 8. Structure and Dynamics of Charged Fluids.
- 9. Electric Transport in Liquid Metals.
- 10. Transport Theory for Extended and Localized States.-
III. Some Miscellaneous Topics.
- 11. Studies of Amorphous. Solids and Liquids.
- 12. The Glass Transition.
- 13. Magnetism in Amorphous Solids.
- 14. Properties of Two-Level Systems.
- 15. Defects in Amorphous Semiconductors.
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