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April 2006



Ambient Intelligence is one of the new paradigms in the development of information and communication technology, which has attracted much attention over the past years. The aim is the to integrate technology into people environment in such a way that it improves their daily lives in terms of well-being, creativity, and productivity. Ambient Intelligence is a multidisciplinary concept, which heavily builds on a number of fundamental breakthroughs that have been achieved in the development of new hardware concepts over the past years. New insights in nano and micro electronics, packaging and interconnection technology, large-area electronics, energy scavenging devices, wireless sensors, low power electronics and computing platforms enable the realization of the heaven of ambient intelligence by overcoming the hell of physics. Based on contributions from leading technical experts, this book presents a number of key topics on novel hardware developments, thus providing the reader a good insight into the physical basis of ambient intelligence. It also indicates key research challenges that must be addressed in the future.


Preface. Acknowledgement. Foreword.
Section 1. Introduction. 1.1 Ambient Intelligence: the Next Wave In Consumer Electronics. 1.2 The Physical Basis Of Ambient Intelligence.-
Section 2. Wireless communication. 2.1 Circuits And Technologies For Wireless Sensor Networks. 2.2 In Home A/V Networks. 2.3 Body Area Networks: The ascent of autonomous wireless microsystems. 2.4 Wireless Communication Systems.-
Section 3. Smart Sensors. 3.1 Interconnect and packaging technologies for realizing miniaturized smart devices. 3.2 Image Sensors for Ambient Intelligence. 3.3 Microsystem Technology For Ambient Intelligence.-
Section 4. Low Power Electronics and System Architecture. 4.1 Low Energy Digital Circuit Design. 4.2 Analog Interface Circuits-the limit for AmI applications. 4.3 Vector Processing as an Enabler for Ambient Intelligence. 4.4 Xtreme Low Power Technology Development using a Virtual Design. Flow: Enabling technologies for Ambient Intelligence applications.-
Section 5. Energy Supply and Management. 5.1 Energy Scavenging in Support of Ambient Intelligence: Techniques, Challenges, and Future Directions. 5.2 Power Management Options For AmI Applications. 5.3 Rechargeable Batteries: Efficient energy storage devices for wireless electronics.-
Section 6. Enabling Technologies and Devices. 6.1 Personal Healthcare Devices. 6.2 Carbon nanotube field-effect transistors - the importance of being small. 6.3 Hardware For Ambient Sound Reproduction. 6.4 Secret Key Generation From Classical Physics: Physical Uncloneable Functions.-
Section 7. Conclusions. 7.1 Conclusion and Key Challenges.


"This book is one of the first to bring all these hardware aspects together under one cover. It is recommended to all engineers involved in the realization of the AmI dream and is an inspiring source to create a dialog between the many hardware disciplines that must become interoperable to create a working AmI system."
(Hugo DeMan, Senior Research Fellow, IMEC, Professor Katholieke Universiteit Leuven , Belgium)
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