American Life and Institutions

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August 1996



American Life and Institutions ist ein aktuelles landeskundliches Lesebuch. Sein Ziel ist es, die oft nur fragmentarischen Kenntnisse über die Vereinigten Staaten in einen geschlossenen Zusammenhang zu bringen. Neuere Entwicklungen, dokumentiert durch aktuelles Zahlenmaterial, werden ebensoberücksichtigt wie historische Gegebenheiten. Das Buch ist großzügig, zum Teil vierfarbig, bebildert. Die revidierte Ausgabe bringt alle Daten auf den neuesten Stand und enthält zwei gänzlich neue Kapitel zu den Themen Umwelt und Außenbeziehungen.Ab Klasse 10.


American Life and Institutions is an up-to-date introduction to the United States of America and her people. At an intermediate to advanced level of language difficulty, it provides an integrative view of American society, history, economics, politics, media and culture. It challenges established ideas of what America is, documents current trends, and attempts to place in context the often fragmented information about the U.S. found in many textbooks and conveyed through the media. The first edition was written with the assumption that most of its readers would be Europeans and, indeed, western Europeans. To our surprise, the book found a much wider audience. It was reprinted in countries such as Poland, Japan, the Philippines, and India and translated into Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, and Bulgarian, among other languages. As a result, this second edition continues the emphasis of the first, but acknowledges this larger, international readership as well. Similarly, readers' interests and suggestions have led to two new chapters in this edition. One (Chapter VII) is on the environment and also includes information on consumer affairs. The other (Chapter XII) concerns the United States in its changing and complex role as "a nation among nations." At the same time, the original intent has been retained: to provide an up-to-date, introductory, and integrative view of America and Americans in a compact, readable form. The volume is suitable, therefore, both as a classroom reader and as a reference work providing foundation for further study. The first chapter is an essential introduction. Each of the others is a self-contained unit, presenting one major area of American society. The chapters need not be read in order. To distill the complex and rapidly changing nature of American and American life into a balanced survey is a daunting task. This is especially so as "what American is" is a question that has been continually argued for over two hundred years. The greatest appreciation is therefore given to those colleagues, American and European, who lent their patient support, insights into things American, and critical intelligence. Above all, our thanks to J.B. Stone, H.K.S., and N.O`D.
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