Algebraic Methods in Physics

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This book pays tribute to two pioneers in the field of Mathematical physics, Jiri Patera and Pavel Winternitz of the CRM. Each has contributed more than forty years to the subject of mathematical physics, particularly to the study of algebraic methods.


'Self-Similarities and Invariant Densities for Model Sets.- Model Sets and Self-Similarities.- Averaging Operators and Invariant Densities.- Further Remarks.- Outlook.- References.- Symmetry Operations in the Brain: Music and Reasoning.- Trion Model.- Music Enhances Spatial-Temporal Reasoning.- References.- Lie Modules of Bounded Multiplicities.- Simple L Modules with Finite-Dimensional Weight Spaces.- Completely Pointed Modules.- Completely Pointed Modules Tensored with Finite-Dimensional Modules.- References.- Moving Frames and Coframes.- References.- The Fibonacci-Deformed Harmonic Oscillator.- About Strictly Increasing Sequences of Positive Numbers.- Quantum Algebra Associated with the Spectrum ? = xn.- The ?-Natural Spectrum.- The Fibonacci Deformation of Weyl Algebra.- Coherent States and Some Special Functions.- References.- Continuous and Discrete Linearizable Systems: The Riccati Saga.- Brief Review of the Continuous Gambier Equation.- Discrete Analog of the Gambier Equation, Revisited.- Discrete Projective and Matrix Riccati Equations.- Discrete Conformai Riccati Equations.- Conclusions and Outlook.- References.- Superintegrability on Two-Dimensional Complex Euclidean Space.- Potential V5.- Potential V6.- Potential V7.- References.- Hydrodynamic Systems and the Higher-Dimensional Laplace Transformations of Cartan Submanifolds.- Hydrodynamic Systems Rich in Conservation Laws.- Applications of the Higher-Dimensional Laplace Transformation to Hydrodynamic Systems that are Rich in Conservation Laws.- References.- Branching Rules and Weight Multiplicities for Simple and Affine Lie Algebras.- Simple and Affine Lie Algebras.- Branching Rules for Simple Lie Algebras.- Young Diagrams and Branching Rules.- Weight Multiplicities of Simple Lie Algebras.- Young Tableaux and Weight Multiplicities.- Branching Rule Multiplicities for the Restriction from Affine to Simple Lie Algebras.- Branching Rules Derived from Characters.- Weight Multiplicities of Affine Lie Algebras.- References.- Conditions for the Existence of Higher Symmetries and Nonlinear Evolutionary Equations on the Lattice.- Construction of the Classifying Conditions.- The Toda Lattice Class.- References.- Complete Description of the Voronoï Cell of the Lie Algebra An Weight Lattice. On the Bounds for the Number of d-Faces of the n-Dimensional Voronoï Cells.- The Expression of the Bounds Nd(n) Obtained by Voronoï.- Detailed Description of the Voronoï Cells of the A(TM) Lattices.- The New Explicit Expression of Bounds Nd(n).- Expression of Nd(n) as Multiple of a Stirling Number of Second Kind.- Final Remarks.- References.- The Relativistic Oscillator and the Mass Spectra of Baryons.- The System of Three Relativistic Scalar Particles with Oscillator Interactions.- An Approach to the Spinorial Relativistic Three-Body System.- References.- Seiberg-Witten Theory Without Tears.- N = 2 Supersymmetry.- N = 2 Superaction.- Textbook Properties.- Spontaneous Symmetry-Breaking.- Holomorphy and Duality.- Perturbative and Nonperturbative F (A).- Preliminaries.- Fuchsian Maps.- The Schwarzian Derivatives.- SW Choice.- Correctness.- Uniqueness.- References.- Bargmann Representation for Some Deformed Harmonic Oscillators with Non-Fock Representation.- Representations.- Toward a Bargmann Representation.- The "q-Oscillator".- Generalization of the Previous Example.- Deformed Algebra Associated to a Given Weight function.- Bargmann Representations Corresponding to Different ?.- The Case of an Annulus.- Conclusion.- References.- The Vector-Coherent-State Inducing Construction for Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients.- Induced Representations of su(4).- SU(4) Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients.- Summary.- References.- Highest-Weight Representations of Borcherds Algebras.- Borcherds Algebras.- Cartan Subalgebra of an Affine Kac-Moody Algebra.- Adding Energy and Number Operators to the Cartan Subalgebra.- Conclu


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