Algebraic, Extremal, and Metric Combinatorics, 1986

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Januar 1988



Resulting from papers from Algebraic, Extremal and Metric Combinatorics 1986 conference held at the University of Montreal, this book represents a comprehensive overview of the present state of progress in three related areas of combinatorics. Topics covered in the articles include association shemes, extremal problems, combinatorial geometries and matroids, and designs. All the papers contain new results and many are extensive surveys of particular areas of research.


Introduction; List of talks; Participants; 1. Some recent combinatorial applications of Borsuk-type theorems N. Alon; 2. On extremal finite sets in the sphere and other metric spaces E. Bannai; 3. Metric and geometric properties of sets of permutations P. J. Cameron; 4. Infinite geometric groups and sets P. J. Cameron, M-M. Deza and N. M. Singh; 5. Intersection and containment problems without size restrictions P. Frankl; 6. Distance-transitive graphs of valency k,8 13 A. A. Ivanov and A. V. Ivanov; 7. Latin square determinants K. W. Johnson; 8. A computer search for a projective plane of order 10 C. W. H. Lam, L. H. Thiel and S. Swiercz; 9. Matroids, algebraic and non algebraic B. Lindstrom; 10. Algebraic properties of a general convolution I. G. Rosenberg; 11. Quasi groups, assocation schemes, and Laplace operators on almost periodic functions J. D. H. Smith; 12. Geometric methods in group theory S. D. Smith; Problem section.
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