Agent Autonomy

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Autonomy is a characterizing notion of agents, and intuitively it is rather unambiguous. The quality of autonomy is recognized when it is perceived or experienced, yet it is difficult to limit autonomy in a definition. The desire to build agents that exhibit a satisfactory quality of autonomy includes agents that have a long life, are highly independent, can harmonize their goals and actions with humans and other agents, and are generally socially adept. Agent Autonomy is a collection of papers from leading international researchers that approximate human intuition, dispel false attributions, and point the way to scholarly thinking about autonomy. A wide array of issues about sharing control and initiative between humans and machines, as well as issues about peer level agent interaction, are addressed.


1. A Prospectus on Agent Autonomy; H. Hexmoor, C. Castelfranchi, R. Falcone. 2. Autonomy: Variable and Generative; M. Luck, M. D'Inverno, S. Munroe. 3. Representing and Analyzing Adaptive Decision-Making Frameworks; K.S. Barber, I.M. Gamba, C.E. Martin. 4. Quantifying Relative Autonomy in Multiagent Interaction; S. Braynov, H. Hexmoor. 5. Obligations and Cooperation: Two Sides of Social Rationality; G. Boella. 6. From Automaticity to Autonomy: The Frontier of Artificial Agents; C. Castelfranchi, R. Falcone. 7. Adjusting the Autonomy in Mixed-initiative Systems by Reasoning about Interaction; R. Cohen, M. Fleming. 8. Interacting with IDA; S. Franklin, L. McCauley. 9. Policy-based Agent Directability; K.L. Myers, D.N. Morley. 10. Adjustable Autonomy for the Real World; P. Scerri, D. Pynadath, M. Tambe. 11. Adjustable Autonomy and Human-Agent Teamwork in Practice: An Interim Report on Space Applications; J.M. Bradshaw, M. Sierhuis, A. Acquisti, P. Feltovich, R. Hoffman, R. Jeffers, D. Prescott, N. Suri, A. Uszok, R. van Hoof. Index.
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