Agenda for the Nation

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Juli 2003



In this visionary book, leading scholars from the Brookings Institution and other prominent research organizations and universities analyze the major domestic and foreign policy problems facing the nation over the next five to ten years.


James M. Lindsay is vice president and director of studies of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he holds the Maurice R. Greenberg Chair. He was previously deputy director and senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution. His books include Agenda for the Nation (Brookings 2003) and Defending America: The Case for Limited National Missile Defense (Brookings 2001). In 1996-97, Lindsay was director for global issues and multilateral affairs on the National Security Council staff.


"Suporting a declared objective of commitment to independent, nonpartisan research, leading scholars of the Brookings Institution and other reputable research organizations provide a wide-ranging evaluation of the major domestic and foreign policy issues confronting the US over the next decade. This is a splendid collection of articles--balanced, erudite, well documented, and comprehensive in scope. It stands in welcome contrast to the abounding shrillness of debate among the ideologically minded in both major political parties...Highly recommended." --H. I. Liebling, emeritus, Lafayette College, Choice, 1/1/2004 "The collection will be useful for the educated generalist, including perhaps advanced undergraduates and lower-level graduate students." --Greg M. Shaw, Illinois Wesleyan University, Perspectives on Political Science, 1/1/2004 "... a 'quintessential Brookings product.'... Experts from a variety of disciplines intelligently address a broad range of the policy issues, both domestic and foreign, that the United States is facing now and will face in the nest decade... A very useful guide for policy-makers, academics and students... I would recommend it to anyone who would like to be informed by some of the best minds in American policy about the policy issues America is currently facing." --Genevieve Lester, International Institute for Strategic Studies, International Affairs, 5/1/2004
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