Ageing and Place

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November 2004



During recent years, an increasing amount of academic research has focused on older people with a particular emphasis on settings, places and spaces. This book provides a comprehensive review of research and the policy area of 'ageing and place'.
An insightful book on an important topic, Andrews and Phillips have together edited a valuable information and reference source for those with interests in the spatial dimensions of ageing in the twenty-first century. Ranging from macro-scale perspectives on the distribution of older populations on national scales, to the meaning of specific local places and settings to older individuals, on the micro-scale, the book spans an entire range of research traditions and international perspectives.


'I highly recommend this book, as it leaves the reader with a greater appreciation for the role of spaces, places and landscapes in the lives of older adults.' - Ageing and Society, Volume 2/2 - 2005 'With an average chapter length of fourteen pages, the book has a rather breezy feel and read. Readers will find these chapters useful springboards toward deeper explorations in ageing, including work by the authors themselves' - The Professional Geographer, Volume 58 - 2006
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