After Oslo: New Realities, Old Problems

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April 1998



Examines whether the Oslo Process on peace in the Middle East can deliver the goods, now and in the future.


In the throes of Oslo - Palestinian society, civil society and the future, George Giacaman; the Oslo Agreement - from the White House to Jabal Abu Ghneim, Nils A. Butenschon; the Oslo process and the Arab world, Fouad Moughrabi; a peace without Arabs - the discourse of peace and the limits of Israeli consciousness, Amon Raz-Krakotzkin; the geography of politics - Israel's settlement drive after Oslo, Jan de Jong; the significance of the Oslo Agreement on the Palestinian political system, Jamil Hilal; the politics of internal security - the Palestinian authority's new security services, Graham Usher; vision and reality diverging - Palestinian cognitive survival strategies in the post-Oslo era, Dag Jorund Lonning; the "voice of Palestine" and the peace process - paradoxes in media discourse after Oslo, Lena Jayyusi; reflections on the realities of the Oslo process, Azmi Bishara.
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