African Languages

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August 2000



This book is the first general introduction to African languages and linguistics to be published in English. It covers the four major language groupings (Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan, Afroasiatic and Khoisan), the core areas of modern theoretical linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax), typology, sociolinguistics, comparative linguistics, and language, history and society. Basic concepts and terminology are explained for undergraduates and nonspecialist readers, but each chapter also provides an overview of the state of the art in its field, and as such will be referred to by more advanced students and general linguists.


List of maps; Notes on contributors; 1. Introduction Bernd Heine and Derek Nurse; 2. Niger-Congo Kay Williamson and Roger Blench; 3. Nilo-Saharan Lionel M. Bender; 4. Afroasiatic Richard J. Hayward; 5. Khoisan Tom Guldemann and Rainer Vossen; 6. Phonology G. N. Clements; 7. Morphology Gerrit J. Dimmendaal; 8. Syntax John R. Watters; 9. Typology Denis Creissels; 10. Comparative linguistics Paul Newman; 11. Language and history Christopher Ehret; 12. Language and society H. Ekkehard Wolff; References; Index of authors; Index of languages; Index of subjects.


"It should be in any academic library that supports curricula in linguistics, African languages, or broader programs of African studies." Choice "This book provides a thorough introduction to African languages and linguistics, covering typology, structure and sociolinguistics." African Sun Times "The contributors are outstanding scholars, and they provide excellent and easy-to-read pieces...At present, no other text offers such a broad coverage of the diverse African language families; hence, this volume is an extraordinary resources for students and scholars interested in the study of African languages...This volume is a succesful introduction to African languages and linguistics." Anthropological Linguistics "The book has a substantial bibliography and extremely useful indexes of authors, language names, and subjects. It should be in any academic library that supports curricula in lingustics, African languages, or broader programs of African studies. It may well be assigned as a textbook, so should certainly be in the regular stacks, but is easy enough to use and covers so much information that it could also serve well in reference collection." Choice
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