Advances in Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Diseases

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Controversy still exists regarding how early disease-modifying agents (DMA) should be commenced and whether all patients with relapsing-remitting MS should in fact be treated. To answer these questions, it is also important to know the natural history of the disease. MS affects nearly 400,000 people in the United States. With their novel, multifaceted approach to basic science, the authors of this book offer help to clinicians and hope to patients.


Benign Multiple Sclerosis: A Distinct Clinical Entity with Therapeutic Implications.- Pathological Heterogeneity of Idiopathic Central Nervous System Inflammatory Demyelinating Disorders.- Multiple Sclerosis Genetics.- Imaging of Remyelination and Neuronal Health.- Immunological Aspects of Axon Injury in Multiple Sclerosis.- The Multiple Sclerosis Degradome: Enzymatic Cascades in Development and Progression of Central Nervous System Inflammatory Disease.- Genetic Analysis of CNS Remyelination.- Remyelination in Experimental Models of Toxin-Induced Demyelination.- Remyelination-Promoting Human IgMs: Developing a Therapeutic Reagent for Demyelinating Disease.- Neuroimaging of Demyelination and Remyelination Models.- Hormonal Influences in Multiple Sclerosis.- Statins and Demyelination.- Role of Uric Acid in Multiple Sclerosis.- Neuromyelitis Optica: Clinical Syndrome and the NMO-IgG Autoantibody Marker.
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