Advances in Databases and Information Systems

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September 2006



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th East European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems, ADBIS 2006. The book presents 29 high-quality papers selected in a rigorous reviewing process. The papers address a wide range of hot research issues and are organized in topical sections on: XML databases and semantic web, web information systems and middleware, query processing and indexing, modelling and design issues, and more.


Invited Papers.- Data Ring: Let Us Turn the Net into a Database!.- Future Data Management: "It's Nothing Business; It's Just Personal.".- Scalable Similarity Search in Computer Networks.- XML Databases and Semantic Web.- An XML Algebra for XQuery.- Satisfiability-Test, Rewriting and Refinement of Users' XPath Queries According to XML Schema Definitions.- X-Warehousing: An XML-Based Approach for Warehousing Complex Data.- SDQNET: Semantic Distributed Querying in Loosely Coupled Data Sources.- Materialized Views.- Multi-source Materialized Views Maintenance: Multi-level Views.- Clustering-Based Materialized View Selection in Data Warehouses.- Non-blocking Materialized View Creation and Transformation of Schemas.- Database Modelling.- Relationship Design Using Spreadsheet Reasoning for Sets of Functional Dependencies.- Modeling and Storing Context-Aware Preferences.- An Integrated Framework for Meta Modeling.- Implementation of UNIDOOR, a Deductive Object-Oriented Database System.- Web Information Systems and Middleware.- Preloading Browsers for Optimizing Automatic Access to Hidden Web: A Ranking-Based Repository Solution.- A Middleware-Based Approach to Database Caching.- Integrating Caching Techniques on a Content Distribution Network.- Interactive Discovery and Composition of Complex Web Services.- Query Processing and Indexing.- Efficient Processing SAPE Queries Using the Dynamic Labelling Structural Indexes.- ICB-Index: A New Indexing Technique for Continuous Time Sequences.- Multiple k Nearest Neighbor Query Processing in Spatial Network Databases.- Searching for Similar Trajectories on Road Networks Using Spatio-temporal Similarity.- Efficient and Coordinated Checkpointing for Reliable Distributed Data Stream Management.- Data Mining and Clustering.- Towards Automatic Eps Calculation in Density-Based Clustering.- Symbolic Music Genre Classification Based on Note Pitch and Duration.- PPPA: Push and Pull Pedigree Analyzer for Large and Complex Pedigree Databases.- Discovering Emerging Topics in Unlabelled Text Collections.- Modelling and Desing Issues.- Computational Database Technology Applied to Option Pricing Via Finite Differences.- A Framework for Merging, Repairing and Querying Inconsistent Databases.- An On-Line Reorganization Framework for SAN File Systems.- Towards Multimedia Fragmentation.- Content Is Capricious: A Case for Dynamic System Generation.


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