Advances in Computer-Based Human Assessment

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Dezember 1990



1 A Review.
Challenges of computer-based human assessment: A review.
2 Operational Issues.
New directions in intelligent cognitive systems.
Measures of thirty cognitive tasks: Analysis of reliabilities, intercorrelations and correlations with aptitude battery scores.
Speed of cognitive processing: Cross-cultural findings on structure and relation to intelligence, tempo, temperament and brain function.
Validation of the MICROPAT battery of pilot aptitude tests.
Microcomputer-based psychological assessment: An advance in helping severely physically disabled people.
nalysing learning strategies through microcomputer-based problem solving tasks.
Confronting computer models of children's word problem solving with empirical data.
An approach to the use of computers in instructional testing.
The construction and use of a computer-based learning process test.
3 Theoretical Issues.
Item bias and individual differences.
Conceptual implications of item bias.
Finding the biasing trait(s).
Evaluation of the plot method for identifying potentially biased test items.
Latent class representation of systematic patterns in test responses.
An information-processing approach to item equivalence.
Group differences in structured tests.
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