Advances in Case-Based Reasoning

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August 2006



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ECCBR 2004, held in Fethiye, Turkey in September 2006. The book presents 31 revised full papers and 5 revised application papers together with 2 invited papers and 2 abstracts of invited talks. The coverage represents snapshot of current current issues in case-based reasoning, ranging from theoretical and methodological issues to advanced applications in various fields.


Invited Talks.- The Fun Begins with Retrieval: Explanation and CBR.- Completeness Criteria for Retrieval in Recommender Systems.- Is Consideration of Background Knowledge in Data Driven Solutions Possible at All?.- Reality Meets Research.- Research Papers.- Multi-agent Case-Based Reasoning for Cooperative Reinforcement Learners.- Retrieving and Reusing Game Plays for Robot Soccer.- Self-organising Hierarchical Retrieval in a Case-Agent System.- COBRAS: Cooperative CBR System for Bibliographical Reference Recommendation.- A Knowledge-Light Approach to Regression Using Case-Based Reasoning.- Case-Base Maintenance for CCBR-Based Process Evolution.- Evaluating CBR Systems Using Different Data Sources: A Case Study.- Decision Diagrams: Fast and Flexible Support for Case Retrieval and Recommendation.- Case-Based Reasoning for Knowledge-Intensive Template Selection During Text Generation.- Rough Set Feature Selection Algorithms for Textual Case-Based Classification.- Experience Management with Case-Based Assistant Systems.- The Needs of the Many: A Case-Based Group Recommender System.- Contextualised Ambient Intelligence Through Case-Based Reasoning.- Improving Annotation in the Semantic Web and Case Authoring in Textual CBR.- Unsupervised Case Memory Organization: Analysing Computational Time and Soft Computing Capabilities.- Further Experiments in Case-Based Collaborative Web Search.- Finding Similar Deductive Consequences - A New Search-Based Framework for Unified Reasoning from Cases and General Knowledge.- Case-Based Sequential Ordering of Songs for Playlist Recommendation.- A Comparative Study of Catalogue-Based Classification.- Ontology-Driven Development of Conversational CBR Systems.- Complexity Profiling for Informed Case-Base Editing.- Unsupervised Feature Selection for Text Data.- Combining Case-Based and Similarity-Based Product Recommendation.- On the Use of Selective Ensembles for Relevance Classification in Case-Based Web Search.- What Evaluation Criteria Are Right for CCBR? Considering Rank Quality.- Fast Case Retrieval Nets for Textual Data.- Combining Multiple Similarity Metrics Using a Multicriteria Approach.- Case Factory - Maintaining Experience to Learn.- Retrieval over Conceptual Structures.- An Analysis on Transformational Analogy: General Framework and Complexity.- Discovering Knowledge About Key Sequences for Indexing Time Series Cases in Medical Applications.- Application Papers.- Case-Based Reasoning for Autonomous Service Failure Diagnosis and Remediation in Software Systems.- Tracking Concept Drift at Feature Selection Stage in SpamHunting: An Anti-spam Instance-Based Reasoning System.- Case-Based Support for Collaborative Business.- A CBR-Based Approach for Supporting Consulting Agencies in Successfully Accompanying a Customer's Introduction of Knowledge Management.- The PwC Connection Machine: An Adaptive Expertise Provider.


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