Adolescent Boys: Exploring Diverse Cultures of Boyhood

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A flurry of best-selling works has recently urged us to rescue and protect boys.


Niobe Way is Professor of Applied Psychology at New York University's Steinhardt School of Education. She is a three-time NYU Press author/editor, having written Everyday Courage and edited Adolescent Boys as well as having co-edited Urban Girls with Bonnie Leadbeater in 1996. She is also co-editor of The Experience of Close Friendship in Adolescence.


"Way and Judy Chu have put together an excellent book on explorations into the lives of adolescent boys. The essays are rich in diversity, not only in the populations of boys studied, but also in research methodology and theoretical perspective."--Choice "Empirical research on the lives and behavior of adolescent boys from a variety of ethnic and class backgrounds." --The Chronicle "The volume explores the experiences of boys who have been excluded from previous developmental research and also challenges the existing stereotypes about boys." --NYU Today "Brings together a coherent and consistent body of literature on a topic that is often relegated to a single chapter or afterthought in similar books and edited volumes...Adolescent Boys challenges the limited and often skewed male images perpetuated by the media, superordinant male groupings, and Western men by giving voice to adolexcent boys growing up in diverse cultures of boyhood." --Harvard Educational Review
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