Active Oxygen in Chemistry

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November 1995



Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this book and its counterpart, Active Oxygen in Biochemistry, explore the active research area of the chemistry and biochemistry of oxygen. Complementary but independent, the two volumes integrate subject areas including medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, and environmental studies.


Preface. Overview of energetics and reactivity of oxygen. Autoxidation. Superoxide and hydroxyl radical chemistry in aqueous solution. Properties and reactions of singlet dioxygen. Reactions of hydroperoxides and peroxides. Catalytic oxidations with oxygen: an industrial perspective. Reactions of oxygen species in the atmosphere. Reactive oxygen species in natural waters. References. Index.


`The unique approach of the series indeed makes the text more interesting than research articles in regular monographs...Teachers in various institutions should seriously consider this volume (along with the second one on the biological chemistry) as texts for similar courses. This volume will also serve as an excellent reference book for a course on bioinorganic chemistry. The topics covered in this volume are all important. The text is intelligible and appealing to anyone interested in the principles of chemistry.'
Journal of the American Chemical Society
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