Achieving Sustainable Communities in a Global Economy: Alternative Private Strategies and Public Policies

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August 2004



This important book explores alternative strategies in agricultural and rural development to address the impacts of globalization processes on smallholder agriculturalists and marginalized rural people. Its goal is twofold: (1) to identify and assess the key processes by which globalization is affecting the smallholder agricultural and rural sectors; and (2) to identify and propose both micro- and macro-level policies and other strategies to deal with the problems that arise. This volume presents writings of leading scholars and practitioners working in the private and public sectors. Their work focuses on major crosscutting issues in the developing world and on country-specific case studies.


Engaging the Global Enterprise to Promote Economic Development (E Ehrlich & E Schwartz) Making Markets Work for the Poor (E Gabre-Madhin & N Nagarajan) Global Markets and Rural Poverty: Do the Rural Poor Gain or Lose from Globalization? (C Y Thomas & C Davis) Markets, Government and Development: Structural Adjustment Programs in a Global Economy (E Mabaya & R Christy) Financial Market Integration and the Fate of Small and Micro Business Leading in Emerging Economies (M Wenner) Essential Forms of Capital for Achieving Sustainable Community Development (D V Rainey et al.) Innovative Strategies in Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: Landcare in South Africa (M Salomon) "Show Me the Money": Asymmetric Globalization and Relative Deprivation in Sub-Saharan Africa (P Eloundou-Enyegue et al.) Globalization, Agricultural Development, and Rural Community Livelihoods (P M McMichael) Linking Globalization, Economic Growth and Poverty: Impacts of Agribusiness Strategies on Sub-Saharan Africa (D Weatherspoon et al.)
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