Accounting for Carbon: Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying Emissions in the Climate Economy

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Authoritative overview of the requirements and costs of monitoring, reporting and verifying emissions from industry to regional and national levels.


1. Introduction: key notions and trade-offs involved in MRVing emissions Valentin Bellassen and Ian Cochran;
Part I. MRV of Territorial/Jurisdictional Emissions:
2. Trend setter for territorial schemes: national GHG inventories under the UNFCCC Jean-Pierre Chang and Valentin Bellassen;
3. Variant n 1: region/city geographical inventories Ian Cochran;
4. Variant n 2: sectoral MRV at the jurisdictional level - forestry (REDD+) in the VCS and the UNFCCC Mariana Deheza and Valentin Bellassen;
Part II. MRV of Industrial Sites and Entities:
5. Trend setter for companies and industrial sites: the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Guillaume Jacquier and Valentin Bellassen;
6. Variant n 1: the waste sector in Australia's carbon pricing mechanism, another ETS at site level Marion Afriat and Emilie Alberola;
7. Variant n 2: non-site level emissions in an ETS - the case of electricity importers in the California cap-and-trade Marion Afriat and Emilie Alberola;
8. Variant n 3: emissions of a company/institution rather than a site: the case of the Shenzhen ETS Caspar Chiquet;
9. Variant n 4: coexistence of voluntary and mandatory frameworks at the company level: Carbon Disclosure Project, EU ETS and French legal requirements Romain Morel and Ian Cochran;
10. Direct measurement in the EU ETS Chris Dimopoulos;
Part III. MRV at Offset Project Scale:
11. Trend setter for projects: the Clean Development Mechanism Igor Shishlov;
12. Case study n 1: monitoring requirements for projects reducing N2O emissions from fertilizer use across standards Claudine Foucherot;
13. Case study n 2: monitoring requirements for reforestation and improved forest management projects across standards Mariana Deheza;
14. Case study n 3: monitoring requirements for fugitive emissions from fuels in the CDM Alexandra Barker and Rod Robinson;
15. Synthesis Valentin Bellassen, Nicolas Stephan, Marion Afriat, Emilie Alberola, Alexander Barker, Jean-Pierre Chang, Caspar Chiquet, Ian Cochran, Mariana Deheza, Chris Dimopoulos, Claudine Foucherot, Guillaume Jacquier, Romain Morel, Rod Robinson and Igor Shishlov; Index.


Valentin Bellassen is a researcher at Institut National pour la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) where he focuses on the economics of agro-ecology. He is also an accredited UNFCCC reviewer for national greenhouse gas inventories. For four years, he worked at CDC Climat where he managed the research unit on MRV, agriculture and forestry. Nicolas Stephan is an investment officer at CDC Climat where he is in charge of voluntary carbon offsetting as well as participations in innovative carbon investment vehicles. He worked for five years in the research department of CDC Climat on various topics related to carbon and energy markets.
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