Acceptability of Transport Pricing Strategies

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Oktober 2003



Based on the MC-ICAM conference, this text discusses various questions relating to achieving a general public acceptance of various "road pricing" measures.


Part 1 Setting the Stage - Acceptability Problem: Efficient pricing in transport - overview of European Commission's Transport Research Programme, C. Sikow-Magny; Acceptability of road user charging: meeting the challenge, P. Jones; why are efficient transport policy instruments so seldom used?, B.S. Frey; urban road pricing in Norway: public acceptability and travel behaviour, T. Tretvik; Reforming transport pricing: an economic perspective on equity, efficiency and acceptability, I. Mayeres, S. Proost. Part 2 European Research Results: European research results on transport pricing acceptability, J. Schade; Environmental awareness and acceptability of pricing policy in Germany, U. Kuckartz, H. Grunenberg; success and failure - experiences from cities, B. H rsman; An analytical framework of pricing acceptability: application to four case studies, C. Raux, S. Souche; Acceptability of price changes in urban mobility, J.M. Viegas, R. Mac rio. Part 3 Behind Public Acceptability - Relevant Determinants: Factors influencing the acceptability and effectiveness of transport pricing, L. Steg; Acceptability of road user charging: the influence of selfish and social perspectives, S. Jaensirisak et al; which role does the objective play? Empirical findings from Germany, O. H lzer; Determinants of people's acceptability of pricing measures - replication and extension of a causal model, S. Bamberg, D. R lle; Willingness to support traffic policy measures: the role of justice, H. Ittner et al. Part 4 Political Acceptability: Political acceptance of road pricing: goal conflicts in municipality decision making, L-O. Johansson et al; Individual uncertainty and the political acceptability of road pricing policies, E. Marcucci, M. Marini; public and political acceptability of transport pricing: are there differences?, H. Link.


"...provides complementary breadth in exploring public and political acceptability from a variety of viewpoints...provides an interdisciplinary look at acceptability issues drawing on political, economic, sociological, psychological, and institutional (transportation professional) perspectives...seems to emphasize the relevant facets of the 'acceptability problem' and to underscore the need for interdisciplinary research in finding solutions." Michael Iacono, Journal of Transport Geography, May 2005 "provides a good overview of the acceptability of user fees on roads in Europe. ...the attitudes and problems discussed remain important for those interested in gaining public acceptance of road, or congestion, pricing schemes. ...a good mix of theory and case-study that makes the book accessible to all levels of readers." Randal Reed, Journal of Urban Technology, April 2005
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