Absence/Presence: Critical Essays on the Artistic Memory of the Holocaust

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September 2005



Since the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and recognition of the Holocaust as a watershed event of the twentieth century, if not in Western Civilization itself, the capacity of art to represent this event adequately has been questioned. Contributors provide case studies that include a broad spectrum of artists from North America, Europe and Israel, and examine some of the dominant themes of their work.


"Picturing Death: Better This than Silence," Robert Poor; "Porbing the Limits of the Politics of Representation," Jeremy Varon; "After Auschwitz: Art and the Holocaust Six Decades Later," Monica Bohm-Duchen; "Jewish Artists in New York: The 1940s," Matthews Baigell; "From the Sublime to the Abject: Art and the Holocaust Six Decades Later," Andrew Weinstein "R.B. Kitaj's 'Good Bad' Diasporism and the Body in American Jewish Postmodern Art," Sander Gilman; "Bak's Variations on a Theme by Bak," Lawrence Langer; "Toward a Post-Holocaust Theology in Art: The Search for the Absent and Present God," Stephen Feinstein; "How to Remember," Nancy Weston; "Disaster Art: A Plea Against the Peripheral Stuff," Pier Marton; "Conversations with Rzeszow: An Artist's Journey," Joyce Lyon; "Haunting the Empty Place," Ziva Amishai-Maisels


Stephen Feinstein is professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and now serves as permanent Director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota. He has been the curator for six museum exhibitions about Holocaust art, has edited one book, and written six art catalogues.

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