A History of the University in Europe: Volume 2, Universities in Early Modern Europe (1500 1800)

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August 2003



This is the second volume of a four-part History of the University in Europe, written by an international team of scholars under the general editorship of Professor Walter RÜ egg, which covers the development of the university in Europe (both East and West) from its origins to the present day. Volume 2 attempts to situate the universities in their social and political context throughout the three centuries spanning the period 1500 to 1800.


List of maps; Contributors and editors; Reader's guide; Bibliographical abbreviations used in notes; Foreword Walter Ruegg; Acknowledgements; Part I. Themes and Patterns: 1. Themes Walter Ruegg; 2. Patterns Willem Frijhoff; Part II. Structures: 3. Relations with authority Notker Hammerstein; 4. Management and resources Hilde de Ridder-Symoens; 5. Teachers Peter A. Vandermeersch; 6. Exporting models John Roberts, Agueda Maria Rodriguez Cruz and Jurgen Herbst; Part III. Students: 7. Admission Maria Rosa di Simone; 8. Student education, student life Rainer A. Muller; 9. Graduation and careers Willem Frijhoff; 10. Mobility Hilde de Ridder-Symoens; Part IV. Learning: 11. Tradition and innovation Olaf Pedersen; 12. New structures of knowledge Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann; 13. The scientific revolution and universities Roy Porter; 14. Curricula Laurence Brockliss; Epilogue: the Enlightenment Notker Hammerstein; Editor's note on the indexes; Name index; Subject index.
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