A History of Korean Literature

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April 2009



This is a comprehensive narrative history of Korean literature.


Introduction Peter H. Lee; 1. Language, forms, prosody and themes Ho-Min Sohn and Peter H. Lee; 2. From oral to written literature Peter H. Lee; 3. Hyanngga Peter H. Lee; 4. Silla writings in Chinese Peter H. Lee; 5. Koryo songs Peter H. Lee; 6. Koryo writings in Chinese Peter H. Lee; 7. Early Chson eulogies Peter H. Lee; 8. Early Choson sijo Peter H. Lee; 9. Early Choson kasa Peter H. Lee; 10. Late Choson sijo Peter H. Lee; 11. Late Choson kasa Peter H. Lee; 12. Choson poetry in Chinese Kim Hunggyu; 13. Choson fiction in Korean Kim Hunggyu and Peter H. Lee; 15. P'ansori Kim Hunggyu; 17. Literary criticism Peter H. Lee; 18. Early twentieth-century poetry Peter H. Lee; 19. Early twentieth-century ficiton by men Kwon Yongmin; 20. Early twentieth-century fiction by women Carolyn So; 21. Late twentieth-century poetry by men Peter H. Lee; 22. Late twentieth-century poetry by women Kim Chongnan; 23. Late twentieth-century fiction by men Kwon Yongmin; 24. Late twentieth-century fiction by women Ch'oe Yun; 25. Literature of North Korea Kwon Yongmin; Bibliography; Index.


Peter Lee is Professor of Korean and Comparative Literature at The University of California Los Angeles. He is the author of numerous books on Korean literature and civilisation, including the two-volume Sourcebook of Korean Civilisation (1993-1993), The Columbia Anthology of Korean Literature (2002) and Myths of Korea (2000).


'A vast and comprehensive gathering of expert accounts, both from within Korea and from outside, of Korean literary history from the earliest examples up to recent developments in fiction and poetry, in North as well as South Korea. This will be the standard for many years to come. Peter Lee deserves our thanks and has earned our admiration once again.' David R. McCann, Harvard University
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