A Companion to Qualitative Research

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`The book covers such a diverse range of material and there are so many practical tips provided, that it is useful - as the title suggests - as a companion for those conducting or teaching research' - Nurse Researcher

This exciting companion provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the latest writing on every aspect of qualitative research.

A Companion to Qualitative Research draws on the work of an array of leading scholars from Europe, Britain and North America, to present a summary of every aspect of the qualitative research process from nuts-and-bolts methods and research styles, to examinations of methodological theory and epistemology. It is one of the few surveys of qualitative research to adopt a genuinely international voice.

The Companion: includes an introduction to the field; provides examples of how key researchers, from Garfinkel to Geertz, carried out their research and examines the nature of their legacy; investigates different methodological and epistemological approaches to the act of researching; takes the classic methods available to the researcher and asks what the thinking is behind choosing to use such methods; is a how-to guide to the actual process of gathering research data in the field; introduces the reader to important practical issues such as ethics and teaching in research; and, provides the reader with practical information about methods literature, and guides the reader on how to study methods, and use databases and the Internet in qualitative research.

Easy to use, A Companion to Qualitative Research presents a concise and systematic introduction. Recent developments, such as the use of computers and the internet, and the analysis of visual materials are covered at length, as are the future challenges for qualitative research.

Essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners alike, the Companion will serve as a comprehensive textbook for any student embarking on a research methods course, and at the same will be an invaluable reference book for active researchers and practitioners.


What Is Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick, Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke
Introduction and Overview
Introduction - Uwe Flick, Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke
Anselm Strauss - Bruno Hildenbrand
Erving Goffman's Research Style - Herbert Willems
Harold Garfinkel and Harvey Sacks - J[um]org Bergmann
Paul Willis and the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies - Rolf Lindner
Paul Parin, Fritz Morgenthaler and Goldy Parin Matth[gr]ey - Maya Nadig and Johannes Reichmayr
Clifford Geertz - Stephan Wolff
Life in Transit - Yvonna Lincoln
The Work of Norman K Denzin
Marie Jahoda - Christian Fleck
Introduction - Uwe Flick, Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke
Phenomenological Life-World Analysis - Ronald Hitzler and Thomas Eberle
Ethnomethodology - J[um]org R Bergmann
Symbolic Interactionism - Norman K Denzin
Constructivism - Uwe Flick
Social Scientific Hermeneutics - Hans-Georg Soeffner
Qualitative Biographical Research - Winfried Marotzki
Qualitative Generation Research - Heinz Bude
Life-World Analysis in Ethnography - Anne Honer
Cultural Studies - Rainer Winter
Gender Studies - Regine Gildemeister
Organizational Analysis - Lutz von Rosenstiel
Qualitative Evaluation Research - Ernst von Kardorff
Introduction - Uwe Flick, Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke
Design and Process in Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick
Hypotheses and Prior Knowledge in Qualitative Research - Werner Meinefeld
Abduction, Deduction and Induction in Qualitative Research - Jo Reichertz
Selection Procedures, Sampling, Case Construction - Hans Merkens
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods - Udo Kelle and Christian Erzberger
Not in Opposition
Triangulation in Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick
Quality Criteria in Qualitative Research - Ines Steinke
Introduction - Uwe Flick, Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke
Ways into the Field and their Variants - Stephan Wolff
Qualitative Interviews - Christel Hopf
An Overview
Interviewing as an Activity - Harry Hermanns
Group Discussions and Focus Groups - Ralf Bohnsack
Field Observation and Ethnography - Christian L[um]uders
Photography as Social Science Data - Douglas Harper
Reading Film - Norman K Denzin
Using Films and Video as Empirical Social Science Material
Electronic Process Data and Analysis - J[um]org Bergmann and Christoph Meier
On the Transcription of Conversations - Sabine Kowal and Daniel C O'Connell
The Analysis of Semi-Structured Interviews - Christiane Schmidt
The Analysis of Narrative-Biographical Interviews - Gabriele Rosenthal and Wolfram Fischer-Rosenthal
Qualitative Content Analysis - Philipp Mayring
Theoretical Coding - Andreas B[um]ohm
Text Analysis in Grounded Theory
Computer-Assisted Analysis of Qualitative Data - Udo Kelle
Analysis of Documents and Records - Stephan Wolff
Objective Hermeneutics and Hermeneutic Sociology of Knowledge - Jo Reichertz
Conversation Analysis - J[um]org Bergmann
Genre Analysis - Hubert Knoblauch and Thomas Luckmann
Discourse-Analytic Method - Ian Parker
Deep Structure Hermeneutic - Hans Dieter K[um]onig
The Art of Interpretation - Heinz Bude
The Presentation of Qualitative Research - Eduard Matt
Introduction - Uwe Flick, Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke
Research Ethics and Qualitative Research - Christel Hopf
Teaching Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick and Martin Bauer
Utilization of Qualitative Research - Ernst von Kardorff
The Future Prospects of Qualitative Research - Hubert Knoblauch
The Challenges of Qualitative Research - Christian L[um]uders
The Art of Procedure, Methodological Innovation and Theory-Formation in Qualitative Research - Alexandre Metraux
Service Section - Heike Ohlbrecht


Uwe Flick is Professor of Qualitative Research in Social Science and Education at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. He is a trained psychologist and sociologist and received his PhD from the Free University of Berlin in 1988 and his Habilitation from the Technical University of Berlin in 1994. He has been Professor of Qualitative Research at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany and at the University of Vienna, Austria, where he continues to work as Guest-Professor. Previously, he was Adjunct Professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, Canada; a Lecturer in research me-thodology at the Free University of Berlin; a Reader and Assistant Professor in qualitative methods and evaluation at the Technical University of Berlin; and Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Medical Sociology at the Hannover Medical School. He has held visiting appointments at the London School of Economics, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, at Cambridge University (UK), Memorial University of St. John's (Canada), University of Lisbon (Portugal), Institute of Higher Studies in Vienna, in Italy and Sweden, and at the School of Psychology at Massey University, Auckland (New Zealand). His main research interests are qualitative methods, social representations in the fields of individual and public health, vulnerability in fields like youth homelessness or migration, and technological change in everyday life. He is the author of Designing Qualitative Research (London: Sage, 2007) and Managing Quality in Qualitative Research (London: Sage, 2007) and editor of The SAGE Qualitative Research Kit (London: Sage, 2007), A Companion to Qualitative Research (London: Sage, 2004), Psychology of the Social (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998), Quality of Life and Health: Concepts, Methods and Applications (Berlin: Blackwell Science, 1995), and La perception quotidienne de la Sante et la Maladie: Theories subjectives et Representations sociales (Paris: L'Harmattan, 1993). As his most recent publications, he wrote An Introduction to Qualitative Research, fifth edn. (London: Sage, 2014) and edited The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Data Analysis (London: Sage, 2014).
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