A Companion to Milton

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September 2003



* Winner of the Milton Society of Americaa s Irene Samuels Book Award in 2002. * Invites readers to explore and enjoy Miltona s rich and fascinating work. * Comprises 29 fresh and powerful readings of Miltona s texts and the contexts in which they were created, each written by a leading scholar.


Preface. Acknowledgements, Abbreviations and a Note on Editions Used. The Contributors. Part I: The Cultural Context:. 1. Genre: Barbara K. Lewalski (Harvard University). 2. The Classical Literary Tradition: John K. Hale (University of Otago). 3. Milton on the Bible: Regina M. Schwartz (Northwestern University. 4. Literary Baroque and Literary Neoclassicism: Graham Parry (University of York). 5. Milton and English Poetry: Achsah Guibbory (University of Illinois). 6. Milton's English: Thomas N.Corns (University of Wales, Bangor). Part II: Politics and Religion:. 7. The Legacy of the Late Jacobean Period: Cedric C. Brown (University of Reading). 8. Milton and Puritanism: N. H. Keeble (Stirling University). 9. Radical Heterodoxy and Heresy: John Rumrich (University of Texas). 10. Milton and Ecology: Diane Kelsey McColley (Rutgers University ). 11. The English and Other People: Andrew Hadfield (University of Wales, Aberystwyth). 12. The Literature of Controversy: Joad Raymond (University of Aberdeen). Part III: Texts:. The Early Poetry. 13. 'On the Morning of Christ's Nativity', 'Upon the Circumcision' and 'The Passion': Thomas N. Corns (University of Wales, Bangor). 14. John Milton's Comus Leah: S. Marcus (Vanderbilt University). 15. 'Lycidas': Stella P. Revard (Southern Illinois University). 16. Early Political Prose: Elizabeth Skerpan Wheeler (Southwest Texas University). 17. Milton, Marriage and Divorce: Annabel Patterson (Yale University). 18. Republicanism: Martin Dzelzainis (Royal Holloway & Bedford New College, University of London). 19. Late Political Prose: Laura Lunger Knoppers (Pennsylvania State University). The Late Poetry. 20. Paradise Lost in Intellectual History: Stephen M. Fallon (University of Notre Dame). 21. The Radical Religious Politics of Paradise Lost: David Loewenstein (University of Wisconsin--Madison). 22. Obedience and Autonomy in Paradise Lost:: Michael Schoenfeldt (University of Michigan). 23. Paradise Lost and the Multiplicity of Time: Amy Boesky. 24. Self--Contradicting Puns in Paradise Lost: John Leonard (University of Western Ontario). 25. Samson Agonistes: Sharon Achinstein (University of Maryland). 26. Pardise Regained: Margaret Kean. Part IV: Influences and Reputation:. 27. Reading Milton, 1674--1800: Kay Gillard Stevenson (University of Essex). 28. Milton: The Romantics and After: Peter J. Kitson (University of Wales, Bangor). Part V: Biography:. 29. The Life Records: Gordon Campbell (University of Leicester). Consolidated Biography. General Index.


Thomas N. Corns is a Professor of English at the University of Wales, Bangor. His many publications include Miltona s Language (Blackwell, 1990), Uncloistered Virtue: English Political Literature, 1640--1660 (1992), and Regaining Paradise Lost (1994). He is also the editor of The Royal Image: Representations of Charles I (1999).


"Taken together, the 29 essays collected here strike the perfect balance between an exploration of the contexts surrounding Miltona s writings and an intensive analysis of his poems and prose treatises. Uniformly well researched, felicitously written, and cogently argued, these essays are among the best in present--day Milton studies. They review previous scholarship while pursuing innovative and exciting lines of inquiry that will surely influence commentary on Milton in the foreseeable future." (Choice) "The present state of Milton studies is admirably represented, while a careful distribution of topics has ensured satisfactory coverage of the field. A splendid exhibition of Milton scholarship as it currently flourishes." (Times Literary Supplement) "students [...] will be admirably served by this comprehensive and readable smorgasbord of current Milton studies." (Renaissance Quarterly) "This companion is enlightening and stimulating and will be a helpful addition to libraries, especially those associated with literary and cultural studies." (Reference Reviews)
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