A Companion to Kant

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September 2006



This "Companion" provides an authoritative survey of the whole range of Kant's work, giving readers an idea of its immense scope, its extraordinary achievement, and its continuing ability to generate philosophical interest.Written by an international cast of scholarsCovers all the major works of the critical philosophy, as well as the pre-critical worksSubjects covered range from mathematics and philosophy of science, through epistemology and metaphysics, to moral and political philosophy


Notes on Contributors. Acknowledgments. References to Kant's Works. General Introduction (Graham Bird). 1 Kant's Life and Works (Allen W. Wood). Part I: Pre-Critical Issues. 2 Kant's Early Dynamics (Martin Schonfeld). 3 Kant's Early Cosmology (Martin Schonfeld). 4 Kant's Laboratory of Ideas in the 1770s (Alison Laywine). 5 Kant's Debt to Leibniz (Predrag Cicovacki). 6 Kant's Debt to the British Empiricists (Wayne Waxman). Part II: Critique of Pure Reason. 7 Kant's Transcendental Idealism (Henry E. Allison). 8 Kant's Analytic Apparatus (Graham Bird). 9 Kant's Transcendental Aesthetic (Lorne Falkenstein). 10 Kant's Metaphysical and Transcendental Deductions (Derk Pereboom). 11 The Second Analogy (Arthur Melnick). 12 Kant's Refutation of Problematic Idealism: Kantian Arguments and Kant's Arguments against Skepticism (Wolfgang Carl). 13 The Logic of Illusion and the Antinomies (Michelle Grier). 14 The Critique of Rational Psychology (Udo Thiel). 15 Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics (Gordon Brittan). 16 Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science (Michael Friedman). Part III: The Moral Philosophy: Pure and Applied. Introduction (Graham Bird). 17 The Primacy of Practical Reason (Sebastian Gardner). 18 Kant's Critical Account of Freedom (Andrews Reath). 19 Kant's Formulations of the Moral Law (Allen W. Wood). 20 Deriving the Formula of Universal Law (Samuel J. Kerstein). 21 Moral Motivation in Kant (Philip Stratton-Lake). 22 Moral Paragons and the Metaphysics of Morals (Marcia Baron). 23 Applying Kant's Ethics: The Role of Anthropology (Robert B. Louden). 24 Liberty, Equality, and Independence: Core Concepts in Kant's Political Philosophy (Howard Williams). 25 Reason and Nature: Kant's Teleological Argument in Perpetual Peace (Katrin Flikschuh). Part IV: The Critique of the Power of Judgment. Introduction (Graham Bird). 26 The Demands of Systematicity: Rational Judgment and the Structure of Nature (Paul Abela). 27 Bridging the Gulf: Kant's Project in the Third Critique (Paul Guyer). 28 Kant's Aesthetic Theory (Anthony Savile). 29 Kant's Biological Teleology and its Philosophical Significance (Hannah Ginsborg). Part V: Kant's Influence. 30 Hegel's Critique of Kant: An Overview (Sally Sedgwick). 31 The Neglected Alternative: Trendelenburg, Fischer, and Kant (Graham Bird). 32 Phenomenological Interpretations of Kant in Husserl and Heidegger (Paul Gorner). 33 Conceptual Connections: Kant and the Twentieth-Century Analytic Tradition (James O'Shea). Index.


Graham Bird is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Manchester, and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool. He has been a leading Kant scholar for nearly 40 years, and is the author of Kant's Theory of Knowledge, Philosophical Tasks, and William James. He is a past president of the Aristotelian Society and Chair of the UK Kant Society


"A Companion to Kant is the most recent (2010) and by far the best anthology on Kant's works. In it, Graham Bird brings together a remarkable set of essays by prominent scholars in Kant studies ... .Many (if not most) essays ... offer significant contributions to Kant scholarship. The2010Companion to Kant is bound to become indispensible for those who teach and for those who study Kant's philosophy (on both graduate and undergraduate levels). Its contributions remain lucid without watering Kant down; they are comprehensive without staying merely on the surface of the issues they discuss; they contain original work on Kant without skewing the interpretations of Kant toward one-sidedness; and jointly they thematically expand our knowledge and out understanding of Kant's corpus and of Kant's place within the intellectual tradition of Western philosophy." (Metapsychology, June 2010) "This collection is what one hopes for in a 'companion' volume. It contains 33 essays by prominent scholars, all of whom have made substantial contributions to Kant studies. Given the essays' brevity...they manage to achieve surprising depth, and they will help any advanced student to get oriented in Kant's thought." (Choice)
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